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  1. As has been said if it was the P&O partner company you would ot have missed the ship. It would have waited. As for the no show that is hardly the companies fault. They were doing what they are supposed to do. Waiting for their passengers. Imagine if the coach left "on time" without some passengers because luggage had gone astray? That is one reason why I use the coach. I know it will wait.
  2. You won't be cruising with anybody. All cruise companies will be enforcing very similar protocols.
  3. Ohh yes. It was Aurora that changed wasn't it? Just registered interest for 2022 so felt able to look at forums again 😃
  4. So is Arcadia since Oriana left Sorry, just realised point had already been made
  5. It won't annoy P&O. They won't know anything about it. It will annoy your credit card company.
  6. I too also go for fixed dining, and ask for a large table of solo travellers. It avoids the boring introduction talk (how many, done this one before etc) every night. And the patronising comments (how brave etc) and getting left out of conversations when the rest of the table is composed of couples. And most likely you'll have someone else whose evening plans coincide with your own. And if not, it is easy to find a single seat in a good position in the theatre.
  7. Just received email from P&O saying all cruises cancelled upto 15th May.
  8. Definitely a nice problem. I'm quite enjoying mulling over the options. 😁
  9. That's a possibility, but I only really wear jewellery on cruises. So would still be a waste.
  10. I'll have £600 extra OBC. I'm thinking of not pre booking excursions and waiting until I'm on board. What do others plan on doing? The drinks package wouldn't work for me, and spending it in the on board shop tat would be a waste.
  11. I have took numerous snacks and drinks (left over from my coach journey down) on board. Never been questioned about it.
  12. I queried someone as to why they were carrying quite a large amount of cash whilst on board. It was for the casino. So I don't think you can use OBC in the casino.
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