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  1. They are almost certainly lights.
  2. They only sell the same numbers of passes as there are sunbeds. In effect buying a pass reserves the sunbed for you for the period of the pass.
  3. Unusual. Venice port authorities have very strict rules about music, announcements and suchlike from cruise ships.
  4. But it wouldn't really work. Safety drill, many staff not available because they are getting cases to cabins, unpacking, just plain tiredness from travelling. No, it wouldn't work.
  5. Bet you can. Got loyalty discount off coffee card.
  6. In my experience it's the other passengers that spoil every aspect of a cruise 😁
  7. Well I would, and that would protect me. That's the best I can do
  8. Not convinced sachets are that hygienic anyway. I've never been able to pick up just one at a time, more often it's two or three which then get thrown back into the bowl. So my possibly contaminated hands had touched many sachets. And, how many have been in the floor and put back by helpful passengers? You then use your hands to open these sachets and then use same hands to eat your burger or hotdog. I would rather use a pump dispenser, using a paper napkin to press the plunger.
  9. Yes, there's always a few who fail to grasp most basic rules of hygiene. Best you can do is protect yourself (handwashing) and tell staff if you spot anything untoward. In my experience they will quickly replace anything possibly contaminated.
  10. Well in the buffet all the food is got with a large spoon. So no difference.
  11. But if topic drift incoming. As solo travellers we are paying the same (or less) for a cabin as a couple does. But... we don't have to share it with anyone 😁. Win, win in my view.
  12. Bottles or dispensers I assume. I for one will be glad. Hate fighting with them.
  13. Thank goodness. Hate trying to tear them open. Never ends well.
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