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  1. Just received email from P&O saying all cruises cancelled upto 15th May.
  2. Definitely a nice problem. I'm quite enjoying mulling over the options. 😁
  3. That's a possibility, but I only really wear jewellery on cruises. So would still be a waste.
  4. I'll have £600 extra OBC. I'm thinking of not pre booking excursions and waiting until I'm on board. What do others plan on doing? The drinks package wouldn't work for me, and spending it in the on board shop tat would be a waste.
  5. Scroll back up through this thread. Prices etc have been posted many, many times
  6. I have took numerous snacks and drinks (left over from my coach journey down) on board. Never been questioned about it.
  7. I queried someone as to why they were carrying quite a large amount of cash whilst on board. It was for the casino. So I don't think you can use OBC in the casino.
  8. Just watched today's teaser. Those hands do not belong to Jamie Cullem!
  9. This was noted when plans first came out. For me this doesn't matter (and I'm not one of the younger crowd). But the issue of no club dining does matter.
  10. I too was on USA/Canada cruise in September. Just received payment from insurance claim. You need to ensure that you have "cruise cover", not just travel insurance. Payment received far out ways premium paid. Can't recall any cruise I've been on where at least one port has been missed, or changed due to the weather, or a medical emergency necessating a diversion.
  11. Cabins will be ready when you board. By all means arrive early if you wish, but be prepared to wait until your designated boarding time. You may be lucky.
  12. No. It is quite clear in the ts&cs that all adults in the same cabin must buy the same package.
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