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  1. Thank you so much for keeping us up to date - it’s been very helpful and I’m grateful!
  2. We'll be arriving on Nov 2 for our departure on the Epic on Nov 3... which then comes back into Barcelona (and we’re supposed to be flying home) on Nov 10 (election day)... How worried should we be?
  3. Have one coming up next month - but our flights were better than we could have hoped for. Flying EWR-BCN nonstop on United!
  4. Our return flight from BCN to EWR is 11am - 2:10pm! We got really lucky!
  5. We used the reduced air for our upcoming cruise out of Barcelona - but the air was $300 cheaper from EWR than PHL, so just decided to fly out of EWR. We ended up getting non-stop flights on United, so we're quite happy!
  6. Booked the free (for the first two passengers/reduced for the third passenger) air promo for our Epic cruise out of Barcelona - every time I searched I couldn't find airfare that was even remotely close. The "placeholder" flights changed significantly over time - first they were connecting flights on United (EWR-FRA-BCN and then the same back), then they were direct flights on Norwegian (though the times were HORRIBLE) and then 58 days out I got the notification that they flights were ticketed: direct flights on United from EWR-BCN! We deviated one day before the cruise so that we
  7. I was able to call and switch the order (made myself third passenger instead of first) and it was quick and easy (once someone finally answered the phone)!
  8. Booked a balcony guarantee on a November Epic cruise from Barcelona and got assigned a 10th floor midship balcony (though eventually we just switched to a mini Suite guarantee)!
  9. I actually called today for something else and after being stuck on hold for 45mins while they tried to sort things out, they figured out the issues had to do with the refund and they charged me again. Just hoping that they don’t auto charge me now that they manually charged me!
  10. I received an email last week saying that "during the upgrade there were inadvertent changes made to my booking that incorrectly triggered a refund (mostly around air). We are in the process of rectifying the booking and recharging your credit card for the discrepancy." I immediately checked my credit card statement and lo and behold, they had refunded a large chunk of money - though my booking still says paid in full. They haven't recharged my credit card yet, but I am hoping they do, rather than cancel my booking!!
  11. How were you able to see the routes before booking? I am also using their "reduced air" for travel from EWR to BCN and curious but can't seem to find anything (but maybe I am looking in the wrong place)... In the summary I can see cities (with a connection in Frankfurt but it has been that way since we booked the cruise and I know the flights aren't booked yet) but not partners... of course, a connection in Frankfurt means Lufthansa or United but just curious where I can find more details...
  12. Paid off 2/3 of our NCL cruise on Monday and got an updated invoice but when our third passenger just logged in to pay the balance, the invoice was for $3000 more! Been on hold for over 25 mins, wondering if there’s a glitch in the system? Anyone else having issues??
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