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  1. Did you go through Resorts for the Day for your passes to RIU or book directly with the resort? Would you be kind enough to share the fee? Thank you
  2. Everyone has their own life story but how individuals react to the up's and down's in life determines their persona. My family just returned after being evacuated from the coast of NC due to hurricane Florence. There were so many levels of devastation. We have friends who have trees down in the middle of their homes which are no longer habitable and others like us who had roof damage, fence damage, broken lights, soffit and trim ripped away. Folks died and others were injured. It's during these times when the best and the worst come out in people. Most people began working on their own issues but soon thereafter neighbors were helping each other. Then there were looters.... There were tears and laughter throughout most days. It may be years before our community regains it's sense of normalcy. The main lesson learned from this disaster is that this is just "stuff". Life and health are clearly the main concerns. Loosing memories of loved ones who have passed rates a close second because those memories can't be replaced. DW and I are trying to keep things in perspective as we are booked on the Sunshine Nov 1, 2018. That is our light at the end of the tunnel and I can guarantee you......a little rust, long lines, slow food service, and slight inconvenience won't mean a hill of beans. We're happy to be healthy enough to cruise soon and we'll get to our house damages AFTER the folks who are truly desperate have their needs met. Keeping things in perspective may even add a few years to this special thing we have called LIFE. Anyone know where I can get a good deal on a chainsaw?.........................Nuff said.
  3. Don't complain about the stock benefit......it could be less or nothing........
  4. Doesn't stop till embarkment of your next cruise!!!
  5. Geeezzzz people; READ! He can't join the balcony club in his cabin (Spa Interior). Anyone willing to share? He can't eat dinner on the balcony either..... He's marrying a woman......answers are all in his posts......
  6. Glad to see you have a good sense of humor.....My DW told me I was a jerk! All in fun.....Safe travels!
  7. Is conditioning using it the same as practicing using it......like getting up at 6am and bringing your luggage from upstairs to downstairs in the house? Sorry; could't resist!;p;p;p;p;p
  8. I appreciate everyone's comments; well almost, lol. I agree we should have contacted the insurance company prior to making our decision. I thought for sure we're having to fly into an airport different from booked airport so the expenses would have been covered since they would have been more had we spent the night in Charlotte; obviously I was incorrect. For those who said that I didn't incur additional expenses, I beg to differ. There were travel costs for my daughter, travel costs for me to drive another car and back to the original airport to get my car, and additional parking expenses. I did speak with a supervisor and she said if we purchased gas in any of the vehicles within 24 hours of the incident, we could submit those receipts. Unfortunately that wasn't the case. I'm a little bit miffed at myself and at TI because I was acting in good faith. As a retired Federal Agent I should have known that good faith means very little in the corporate business world. This thread was meant as a learning tool for others.......and let me vent a bit too!
  9. On May 6, 2018, we were scheduled to return home from Ft. Lauderdale after our cruise on the Conquest. Once at the airport we were told that our flight from Ft. Lauderdale to Charlotte, NC was delayed. We boarded a flight 4 hours later then expected to Charlotte which in turn caused us to miss our connection to Jacksonville, NC. Once in Charlotte we were told that we couldn't fly out to Jacksonville that night so we could spend the night in a hotel and hope for a flight the next day or hop on a flight from Charlotte to New Bern, NC which was about 40 minutes from home. We opted to fly out that afternoon to New Bern even though our car was in Jacksonville. Knowing that I had insurance we opted to fly to New Bern. Long story short, our daughter drove 40 miles to pick us up at the airport and brought us 45 miles home. The next day we drove our other vehicle to Jacksonville to pick up our car. I then filed a claim showing the changes with original reservations and our boarding passes indicating we were re-routed to New Bern instead of Jacksonville, NC. due to the cancellation of our first flight. I submitted a claim requesting mileage for my daughters travel to pick us up and take us home, mileage for our travel to pick up our car, an extra nights parking fee and 1 meal. My claim was DENIED because I did not have receipts for my car nor my daughters travel expenses. I was further told by the claims adjuster that had we stayed in a hotel in Charlotte, and or used a taxi or an uber for transportation we would have been reimbursed. I requested milage fee based on the government's reimbursement schedule of $0.52 cents a mile. So.....since I didn't incur the expenses of a hotel, meals, and public transportation and used my personal resources to get home we were not entitled to reimbursement. This is entirely unfair. We actually saved the company money doing it the way we did and instead were penalized. Our insurance was supposed to cover missed or delayed flights. Documents clearly showed our flight was changed and we went to a different airport. The transportation FAIRY didn't get us home from the airport or back to the original airport to pick up our vehicle. It was clearly documented. With this said, my advise to you is to be sure to use a hotel, public transportation, or anything else where you can get receipts otherwise you will not be reimbursed. It's really the principle of the matter. I paid for insurance, a insured issue occurred. We utilized the most ineffective means of expenses incurred and still got the shaft. LikeShow more reactions Comment
  10. Yes and yes.....We always use OBC towards our grat's and never incurred a problem.
  11. I wasn't aware there was an accessible cabin on Half Moon Cay......good to know! Thanks!
  12. Check resortforaday.com Have used them several times with great success.
  13. We're cruising out of Port Canaveral in Dec as well. We fly in the day before just to be safe. The only flight out for us going home leaves MCO at 11:50am. We are Platinum and will debark as self assist. I had second thoughts about making this flight but after inquiring on this site, most thought it was safe....What time is your next flight out?
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