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  1. I dress pretty casual during the day in shorts and t shirts for around the ship. In the evening I like dresses but take at least one sweater or wrap for the theaters that can get chilly. One thing I haven't seen mentioned is long pants and socks if you plan to ice skate, and socks and tie shoes if you want to zip line.
  2. On our only cruise in suite we didn't tip the concierge but that was because our friend's genie did everything for us that the concierge was supposed to do. The genie was who got a refund on a dining package refunded to the correct room after the concierge tried and it was refunded incorrectly. The genie also walked the two of us off with our friends so our group wasn't separated getting through customs. We gave the genie the tip that would have gone to the concierge.
  3. Glad to see some are getting the benefit again. Of course to be consistently inconsistent, mine was recently rejected because I had some thing on my booking that was not combinable but they could not tell me what that was. They were kind enough to send me an email for someone I do not know who has had their $200 shareholdler benefit approved. I emailed them back about sending me someone else's response in error but I have not heard anything back regarding my concerns about this misdirected email.
  4. I am having the same issue. I can't find it either even following the above directions. When I was talking with C&A the other day the phone rep couldn't find it for me either. I hope it will show up soon
  5. I will look forward to your review of the Key on Anthem as that is the ship we are going on.
  6. Thanks, I was thinking that the suites concierge might be helpful in getting them a reservation.
  7. Thanks for this information. I wonder if since our friends are in a Suite if they would be able to get reservations more easily, perhaps the concierge would be able to help. Something to consider.
  8. I am considering the Key as we are sailing with friends on Anthem who are in a suite. It seems like the Key gives some similar perks to the Suite. I was wondering if anyone knows if the suite VIP seats are in a similar location for the shows and if the priority embarkation and disembarkation are handled similarly for both Suite guests and The Key. I would like for our friends to feel free to take full advantage of their Suite perks without worrying about leaving us behind. It would also be advantageous for us to be able to disembark together which if we both have priority disembarkation that is done at a similar time and method would be useful. I am also not clear if my husband and I would each get a Voom code or with this since we both have to buy the Key which could be good for us. Does anyone know if our friends would be able to eat boarding day lunch with us even if they don't have the Key and just pay for it separately? I know on Allure prior to this program we all just walked in and had lunch at Giovanni's table together without a problem.
  9. We really enjoyed Baton Rouge Steakhouse.
  10. Venice was very easy to walk off an buy a pass for the vaporetto boats and used them to go everywhere. If you are up for the hike up the city wall, Kotor would be easy to do on your own on foot. Everyplace else we booked private excursions.
  11. When I was looking at a Canada trip, I decided the cruises didn't have enough time in Prince Edward Island for me so we ended up taking a 2 week land trip to Nova Scotia and PEI. So much to see there and such beautiful coastlines.
  12. We have an ATT prepaid plan and it mostly worked last year on a trip to Nova Scotia and PEI. There were some isolated areas that were dead zones for us most notably the Parrsboro, NS area and Cape D'or, NS area. We had good coverage in Halifax and Peggy's Cove. We did not have any other problems or surprise charges and we were calling and texting family in the US nearly daily on our trip.
  13. Haven't seen this one yet, but since the stars are RCCL cruisers and the godfamily to Symphony of the Seas that may have helped the movie to have more attention to authentic cruising details.
  14. As others said there is a lot to see that is walking distance but keep in mind the Citadel and other places that are away from the waterfront are up a pretty steep hill. Definitely walkable but certainly a consideration.
  15. We were in Hawaii earlier this year and I think HI is thus far Zika free. I distinctly remember signs at the airports and the cruise port urging visitors to use appropriate bug repellent particularly if they have been in any areas affected by Zika to keep the HI mosquitoes Zika free. It is a port intensive trip but depending upon what you want to do you can certainly have some laid back beach days there.
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