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  1. When 2 person cabins are sold out, we have booked 3+ pax cabins and have never been kicked out. Call and ask for a different rep.
  2. We have found the Oasis class in general, to be the least crowded of any ship on any cruise line we have sailed! Been on the Harmony and the Allure and other than Windjammer on embarkation day lunch and disembarkation day breakfast, we always commented on how 'uncrowded' these ships felt. There are 6000+ pax, but there are so many different and large venues for everyone to be in (Promenade, Central Park, Boardwalk, Pools, lido etc) that no one area ever felt crowded. It blew us away, but it is our favorite class as well. If you time when you go to Windjammer (off peak times), it can be quite easy to find seating and not too crowded - but at peak times it is quite busy so you have to 'plan'. But otherwise, these ships are "masterfully" designed!!
  3. Totally agree.....the buffet is where the majority of 'wasted' food comes from. This is not to 'reduce waste' as they are trying to sell the public, but about making more $$ on the bottom line....and maybe even the first step in removing a FREE MDR......?????
  4. May I ask, what kind of policy this is? and the cost? It would be something we would be interested in! Thanks
  5. Just be sure you understand the coverage. There is "primary" and "secondary" coverage on these policies. Carnival's policy is for "secondary" coverage", which means you must file paperwork through your own insurance company first, then the balance may or may not be covered by the "secondary" policy you bought via Carnival. When we purchase cruise travel insurance, we always make sure that it is "primary" coverage, meaning that the policy you purchase for travel covers your insurance needs FIRST, without the need to file tons of paperwork through you own insurance companies/policies first. We sometimes purchase them and sometimes we are 'risk' takers.
  6. No, not at all....both are poor business decisions....PERIOD!! and hurt the booked pax equally.
  7. WOW....can't they figure these things out??? Not like a mechanical issue or "Mother Nature"....that is totally understandable.
  8. Got an email yesterday cancelling our February 23, 2020 Freedom OTS sailing due to RCI's decision for an "Extended Refurbishment"??? Bookings on this ship/sailing have been open for close to a year?? To cancel a sailing for reasons NOT OUT of RCI's control is mind boggling - to make a corporate decision impacting thousands of pax that seemingly could have been 'pre-planned' (like to extend a known refurbishment) is staggering. RCI cheerleaders, please back off if you were not impacted on this sailing. Just a bad 'customer service' statement in totality in my family's estimation.
  9. Never been on a ship where entertainment was in Spanish (foreign language), but sailed out of Puerto Rico many times (all 7 day or longer) and yes, all announcements were in both English (typically first) and then in Spanish.....and there was a good mix of both US mainland cruisers and cruisers from Puerto Rico.
  10. Very interesting, never thought about both the screen protector and sunglasses blocking out the light.....however, my screen does not look blank, it just is so light that it is hard to read. Have to dig out my old Nook and start using that on my cruises - or of course, just take paperbacks with as well, which is what I have been doing!!
  11. I don't believe I ever asked if people were having trouble reading my posts??? I was responding to ONE CC reader who commented (off topic no less) - didn't ask for your snarky response. So, yes, it is all good for me!
  12. So sorry, Ocean Boy.....but my question was NOT posed to YOU!!!!
  13. Thanks, will take it under advisement......but "different strokes for different folks". I find the font easy to read plus I don't read this on anything other than my computer (never on a mini screen phone and don't have an ipad).....LOL!! Is this better for you??
  14. Thanks for the tip - but I 'upgraded' to a tablet.....now out of luck in the sunlight!! Boo hoo!!
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