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  1. Kind of harsh......have you paid for a funeral recently???? WAYYYY more than the cost of a cruise!
  2. Not actually true.....we sail on Saturday out of FLL, have been getting lots of RCI emails......the latest emails DO allow for China, Hong Kong and Macau passports to board now, BUT the disclaimer now is that they cannot have travelled to or from China, Hong Kong or Macau or been in the presence of anyone who has been to any of the above within the last 15 days. If they have, they will be denied boarding. But Chinese passports, according to our last email last week, was that they will be allowed to board now, due to a change in opinion at the CDC.
  3. How about Freedom class balcony cabins? Bed by balcony (I am hoping)???
  4. How sweet!! Do you know if he will be on Harmony on his next contract?? If he is, how wonderful would that be!
  5. Wow, then I wouldn't have "downgraded" for sure.....but it does make a difference when you originally booked and the price at that time vs. changing cabins (upgrading or downgrading) and the timeline of that move (is the ship filling up? driving prices up? closer to the date of the cruise?)....all of these variables of course, affect the pricing.
  6. This is exactly how it worked for us as well....refund was issued in 6 days back to our credit card.
  7. On all the main cruise lines we have sailed and gratuities were raised before we sailed (which has happened to us on many sailings - almost yearly lately), we have always received an email offering to 'pre-pay' gratuities to hold the old prices......RCI, CCL, NCL, Princess etc. It is a "normal" practice.
  8. OP, I empathize with you.....our last cruise, in the Med on the Jade, what you describe as your symptoms circulated the ENTIRE ship. It was the "sickest" ship I have ever been on and all 3 of us caught the dreaded "plague". It spread like wildfire because it was accompanied by a cough, the easiest way to spread germs. When I realized I had a pretty bad sinus infection, we were in Greece, where we luckily found out they dispense antibiotics over the counter at their pharmacies. After touring Athens, feeling so awful, we spotted a pharmacy right across the street from the port. My saving grace - they dispensed Amoxicillin over the counter thankfully. It saved the rest of the trip for me - major relief in a day or two! So I feel for you OP....but on our cruise, it seemed that most everyone on the cruise became a 'vicitm' - it passed like wildfire.
  9. Who is the 1st most famous??? Topher we will all miss you.....our condolences.
  10. Can't tell you how they do it.....but Royal Carib Jewel class ships have incredible multiple deck windows on the outside side of the ship that glass elevators traverse.....and those windows were beautiful and clean most all the time! It is a gorgeous sight and feature of those ships but the windows were always clean (don't know how they did it tho). So I guess CCL will do the same??
  11. coevan, let's compare "apples to apples" which is what the OP was doing, and this thread was meant to be doing. The OP was not comparing a cruise ship to AI on land vacations. I believe what the OP was saying was that cruising has changed, per my comment above...correct, as I said there were NO steakhouses in the 80's and 90's, but there are now and there is an upcharge (NOT FREE) to go there.....that is a change from everything being FREE to being nickel and dimed to death these days. Let's stay on the 'same page' and compare cruising in the 80's and 90's to cruising today on the main lines (such as no longer free room service 24/7, MDR menu additions for additional $$ which used to be 'included' on and on). Let's not even get into cruise lines like Crystal or Regent in which tours are even included etc.....not a fair comparison nor one the OP was making. That was my sole point.
  12. I don't understand your comment coevan! Cruising did used to be all inclusive.....there weren't even any upcharge steak houses, there was bountiful food around the clock, room service was FREE, MDR was totally FREE not with upsell items like lobster (which also was included for FREE) like now. They have added spa cabins with charges to use the spa with passes now. We used to use the steam rooms and saunas, the great showers up there for free all the time....now you need to buy a pass....that used to be included too. If you have been cruising since the 80's, certainly you would know how there was very little back then that was an "upcharge" over your cruise fare. Now, everything is either being cut or an "upcharge fee" is tacked on to what used to be "included". That is what the OP is talking about.
  13. Yes, it is definitely the case of "buyer be AWARE". Years back we actually were upgraded (no charge) for a balcony from an OV and did not find out until we got to the port. It was kind of funny actually, we went to the OV cabin we had selected and the key card would not work in the door. A steward watched us repeatedly attempt to open the door and came over to help us. He told us we were at the 'wrong' cabin and we argued with him as no one had said one word to us.....LOL! It ended up, we had been upgraded for free to a balcony - a smart move on behalf of CCL as we have booked balconies ever since....they 'got us'!! But now a days, I don't think this ever happens....they fill their ships full fare with their 'offers' which are rarely to NEVER a better price than you could have booked originally. Discounts and deals are a thing of the past unfortunately, for the most part!
  14. Your title confused me......used to be that some would get actual phone "call" from so called Upgrade Fairy.....but you got an email not a "call"!! Emails are the way they do it today.......haven't heard of many phone calls anymore??
  15. Yes, while you can book 'add ons' yourself and not need to go thru the TA, there is one other important difference between TA vs. booking thru CCL. For any price drops (do keep watching for them although they are fewer and further between these days than they were 11 years ago), and any changes to the booking, you have to go thru the TA - CCL will not talk to you. We have booked both ways and have lost price drops because the TA was not 'speedy' enough to either get back to us or by submitting ppwk. to CCL and we lost the price drop (price drops sometimes only show for a small window of time and then prices go up). Don't know if this means much to you, but to us it has curbed the use of a TA. However, on the TA side, you sometimes can snag some great perks (like OBC, or paying of gratuities) that CCL does not offer. So its your choice.
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