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  1. Tipping also varies customarily and is different around the world. In Europe (Italy etc), for example, Europeans do not tip like we do, and do not expect tips like we are used to giving in the US...it would be advisable to do some research on tipping customs in the locations where you are travelling and tip accordingly.
  2. Thank you for the clarification! Did not know you could request "cold" water and they listen to the request?? That is very good to know for our upcoming 14+ day cruise.
  3. WOW!! Thanks for the clarification - I was just so confused??? LOL I will definitely be looking into this as we are going on a very long 15 day cruise on NCL with no laundry rooms on the ship and we are losing sleep trying to figure out how to pack for that long with no "laundry room" (don't want to use the ships laundry facility due to both cost and washing everything in HOT water and drying everything that shrinks...haha) and keeping it under 50 lbs for the airlines - this is a tough one! Thanks again!
  4. Not to sound "dumb" - but what is a "washer bag"?? How will this "bag" allow you to wash the clothes not standing over a small sink?? Where will you 'wash' the clothes? Now if there are washing machines and dryers on your ship then why use a "bag" and why weren't you washing your clothes in them all along? I guess I am super confused.
  5. Yes, we too have attended them in both places, but our last ones on the Vista and Victory were both in the theatre (although no dancing on stage - however, we have attended those as well).
  6. OMG....that is even better. We were disappointed with the Lobster Pot Pie, just a few chunks of lobster and very salty too! Surf and Turf with a lobster tail as in your pic is fabulous and to me would qualify as "lobster" the way we want it!
  7. No lobster other than 'for fee' Ocean Blue restaurant, and that was in a Lobster Pot Pie.....very sad!
  8. NCL charges $60 per person for the transfer from/to FCO in Rome and port at Civitavecchia. We purchased these and then found a cheaper transport......NCL would NOT refund the full amount and with held 50% as it was after final payment. Even tho we purchased them only 3 weeks earlier, they considered it part of our "cruise contract" and withheld penalty monies!! Buyer be aware and do you due diligence and research your options before giving NCL any booking $$ for a transfer!!!
  9. They DO hold these so called parties in the "theatre" these days already......and they are packed!
  10. How wonderful, you are so upbeat, and I am sure that helped in your situation. Hoping that your wife is totally recovered so that you can get back to planning your 'next' cruise and becoming Platinum. Your advice is 'spot on' . Congratulations!!
  11. Not sure how you got a better price, TA's are not allowed to give pricing any different than what is offered via the cruislines.....what they can give is 'perks' which you snagged. That is the only time I go to a TA - when the 'perks' outweigh losing control of our booking. Our upcoming Med cruise, we got OBC, pre-paid gratuities, dining package etc through a TA, so I booked directly with the cruiselines and then transferred to the TA. However, any and all changes, help, questions then need to be directed to the TA and that is not optimal to us normally (takes time for returned phone calls, and timing can be important sometimes - and more limited availability of TA's vs, cruiselines direct). But, to 'each his own" and what is best for you is all that counts.
  12. Small corrections - PVP's are not 'paid' for booking, they work on a point scale, not $$. And you do have up to 30 days to switch to a TA, not within just 2 weeks, unless they have just changed this?? You are lucky to have a PVP that actually helps you, we have not used a PVP in years, we know what we want and we just call in to find out if the specific cabin/loc is available and then book it ourselves. We occasionally use a TA if the 'perks' are worth losing control of our booking with the cruislines.
  13. You can book, so you have a reservation and quicker seating, but it can be changed too - or you can just not show up (which isn't preferred), and do what you like on any given night. A reservation does not hurt, but it could save a 'wait' time too.
  14. In complete agreement with you......we too book out when ship itineraries open, and have not had a price drop in years now. The prices have ALL only gone way UP from when we originally booked. None have even dropped after final payment, even with the glut of so many new BIG ships out there....prices are just increasing and increasing - good for the cruise lines, bad for all of us looking for a price drop. I guess our new mantra has to be to 'book at a price that you feel is fair and be happy with that price' cuz you are most likely not going to it drop any longer! Boo Hoo
  15. We, too book purposely right by the elevators and find those cabins very convenient. We try to book a cabin or two around the corner from the doorway opening to the elevators/stairs. Remember, all cabins get "foot traffic" past them with pax walking to their cabins no matter what the location, and also that not all pax walk past your cabin, some go in the other direction down the hall to their respective cabins from the elevators. We have NEVER had any more noise from these cabins than any other location, and never have heard elevator noise. We love these cabins and purposely book them for convenience!
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