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  1. Have you considered Crystal? All-inclusive except shore excursions. Excellent food, stellar service, great enrichment and entertainment. Intimate ships that never feel crowded (even when full). Often less expensive than Celebrity.
  2. We are booking a cruise this week so I called BOA to ask about the deal as the offer was not on my card either. They said that different customers get different deals based on location, timing of billing cycles, etc. The $450 back would have been nice. Julie
  3. Hi, We're new to Cunard, and will be sailing on a transatlantic and have a couple of questions: 1) if you purchase the drinks package at $69 pp/day, can you order wine by the glass on the package at dinner in the dining room? 2) I haven't been able to find the embarkation alcohol policy on the Cunard website. I've read that you can bring 1 bottle of wine or champagne at embarkation (presumably per person), and yet I see people posting that they will be taking much more wine onboard with them. Can someone please clarify for me? Thanks!
  4. Hi, Thanks for your help. We just bought plane tix and won't be arriving until 9:00 pm on the evening of the 6th. So, no sightseeing. I will look at the Brooklyn Marriot as well as perhaps an airport hotel with a taxi to the pier in the morning.
  5. Hi, We are cruising out of Brooklyn on July 7, 2019 on QM2. We need to book flights arriving the day before - which airport is most convenient? We also need a hotel near the Brooklyn Cruise Terminal. Recommendations? Thanks!
  6. My husband and I both had the YFV at 65 without any issues. That being said, you must weigh the risks versus benefits for your personal situation which a good travel clinic will be able to provide in great detail. There is also the option of a waiver if you decide that in your situation the risks outweigh the benefits. julie
  7. I just logged in and our number of "past voyages" is incorrect. Our 2017 California Coastal Cruise is not listed. Anyone else missing voyage(s)? I can't find the number of milestones we've achieved. Has anyone found that? Julie
  8. We also quite enjoyed Seward- spent 3 nites there pre-cruise. Did the Kenai Fjords Natl Park boat ride (saw whales), Exit Glacier, and Iditarod teams. We flew into Fairbanks (1nite) rented a car, spent 2 nites at Denali, then the 3 nites in Seward. A nice pre-cruise Alaska trip. julie
  9. Thanks for positing this, Keith! We are going on the 2019 WC (our first WC). I didn't realize this page existed. It's nice to cross check the information I've been provided with another source!
  10. We really enjoyed trying a number of these on our August cruise. Our favorite: Mediterranean Gin & Tonic. We are gin drinkers and love the new gin cocktails!
  11. Sorry we didn’t meet you onboard the Panama Canal Cruise- there were so many Cruise Critic members it was hard to meet everyone! At this point our plan is also to be on that 2021 voyage, too. Sent from my iPhone using Forums
  12. We just disembarked a day early in NYC on 8-29-18, the scheduled end of cruise disembarkation was 8-30-18. Our travel agent obtained the form to fill out from Crystal and we did this ahead of time. It apparently could also be done onboard (advertised in Reflections), however, there was a deadline as they had to give the names to the authorities in NYC. Charleston was our first port of entry and we did had to go through Customs, but it was really only a quick formality. In NYC there were about 30 of us leaving early. We had to gather in the Galaxy Lounge at 9:00 am, wait for the authorities to arrive (about 9:45 am), meet with them, and then had to immediately leave the ship. I suspect that each port is somewhat different, depending on the instructions from the authorities. We waited for our instructions until the day before disembarkation. We asked at the Front Desk but they didn't have details yet from the authorities in NYC. Once you decide I would fill out the form ahead of time and send to Crystal before embarkation - that way there is no question that you are "on the list" to leave the ship a day early.
  13. The Pomegranate Semi-Freddo is one of my favorite desserts. We are onboard now and have a picture posted on our blog on the August 12th entry: blog.utahkesslers.com Julie
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