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  1. That’s good news if the final payment isn’t due until 60 days out. We are booked LA-Miami, departing Feb 2. That would at least give us until December to decide. As it gets closer to the previously stated (by Crystal) final payment date, I will confirm with our travel agent. Thanks!
  2. Early payment is due May 8th, 2021 (that won't happen for us). Final payment due Aug 6th, 2021. Even with our initial deposit, deposit and FCC moved to WC from cancelled Feb 2021 cruise, we still owe a sizeable amount. We're not sure what we'll do. At least we still have some time to think about it and evaluate the situation. Thanks for asking the question - I've now marked those dates on my 2021 calendar! Julie
  3. Hi, I gave up and We finally filed credit card dispute and received our refund via that route - 296 days all told. Now what to do about the 2022 World Cruise that we have a large deposit plus a FCC from a cancelled Feb 2021 cruise. Good Luck!
  4. Finally received our requested cash refund- days for a cruise Crystal cancelled. Refund requested 3/19/20 for Crystal cancelled Dubai-Rome sail date 5/8/20. julie
  5. As an RN (retired) I’m very concerned about the ability to get the vaccine administered. If we can’t get the doses in peoples arms quickly, the whole system will back up. The storage freezers will be full and more doses will not be able to be distributed to the states. I’ve written our US Senators and Governor to encourage looking at calling out the National Guard to set up, schedule and administer the vaccine in a drive thru scheduled appointment system. The overtaxed healthcare system simply does not have the resources to do this in an efficient manner. Just my opinion for a system that cou
  6. Too bad they didn’t send out any other notification. Some of us don’t do Facebook.I just saw this - Saturday evening.
  7. Good luck- we’ve been waiting since late March- 209 days so far.
  8. We are certainly getting impatient for our refund for our Dubai-Rome sailing that Crystal cancelled on 3-19-20. It is very discouraging to see that people whose cruises cancelled much later than ours have received their refunds. Interestinly, our travel companions on this trip received their refund on 10-2-20 (it was to be their first Crystal cruise). We have 186 already sailed days on Crystal, and another 131 day in future bookings (I know, it pales in comparison to some :-). Our wonderful TA is a top Crystal seller, and calls daily for her clients. No sign of a refund for us. Julie
  9. After cruising mass market lines (many Celebrity cruises), we tried Crystal in 2009. It’s been our favorite cruise line since then. We disembarked the Symphony in February 2, 2020. All was well, without any downhill aspect. The food, service, entertainment and enrichment activities are beyond what any other cruise line offers. Of course, as others have noted, things will be different in the new era, but I don’t think those aspects will change.
  10. Lou Malnati’s, Gino’s East or UNO’s for me! julie
  11. No way. I’m from Chicago-best pizza on the planet.
  12. Crystal canceled our 5/8/20 Dubai to Rome Symphony sailing. Refund requested 3/19/20. No refund yet (101 days).
  13. Our experience was also with Delta - no questions asked or attempt to talk us into e-credits - $10,000.00 refund issued. They have been amazing. Julie
  14. We were booked on the Dubai-Rome May 8th Symphony Cruise, which was cancelled in March. We’d read on a travel site that if the airline e cancels your flight they have to give you a refund instead of a voucher. We watched our reservation. Last week our flight was cancelled, which we fully expected given that it was into Dubai and out of Rome. We received an email saying that we would automatically receive an e-credit to be used in the next 2 years. We called the airline and requested a refund for our 2 first class tickets. They immediately issued the refund, without any questions or discussion
  15. I would love to purchase one (our San Diego-Guam cruise in January didn't qualify and our May cruise was cancelled). I contacted Crystal to see if we could order, but, no, they are not set up to process orders.
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