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  1. Tiggerbuddy

    handheld vhf radio

    I always bring a handheld radio with me. It covers everything from shortwave to UHF. I've never had a problem bringing it on board. The link below has many frequencies used by the cruise ships. http://scanmaritime.com/frequencies.htm Happy Cruising!
  2. Does anyone know anything about the band Celebration that will be playing on the Pride? Have they played on any other ships? Do they have a website? Thanks!
  3. Tiggerbuddy

    Tell me your favorite thing about the Pride.

    I love that we'll be sailing on the Pride in June!
  4. We're going to be sailing on the Pride in June. If anyone finds out what band will be playing please post it. Thanks!
  5. Tiggerbuddy

    Well, this is it!!!

    95 days to go! I'm not useless at work just yet but I'll get there;-) When we cruised with the kids they would say that Mom and Dad acted funny on a cruise. I finally realized that they weren't used to seeing us with no worries and nothing to do but have fun and relax all day long. Best part of a cruise for me? Hanging out on our balcony watching the ocean, ships and islands pass by!
  6. Tiggerbuddy

    Tracking Carnival on GoogleEarth

    You can track cruise ships in near real time on this site, no pictures but you can see where a ship is http://www.sailwx.info/shiptrack/cruiseships.phtml Have fun on your cruise!
  7. Tiggerbuddy

    any amateur radio users out there?

    While both my DW and I are licensed we use FRS radios to avoid any legal complication. I always bring my trusty R-10 wideband receiver with me to monitor local traffic and do a little SWL off our balcony. 73 Mike WB2BLJ