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  1. Drink-in-Hand/Toes-in-Sand

    Best Luau in Maui or Kauai????

    I agree - Old Lahaina Luau in Lahaina, Maui is the best
  2. Drink-in-Hand/Toes-in-Sand

    Rome Cabs vs. Rome Cab

    Stefano with RomeCabS cannot be beat! He's an excellent tour guide and works hard to give you exactly what you're looking for. Just communicate your expectations and he aims to please. Clean car, on time, and always prompt to get you from one spot to another. We will be using him again soon. Don't know RomeCab - but suspect they are a counterfeit group trying to make a buck off Stefano's hard work.
  3. Drink-in-Hand/Toes-in-Sand

    Tendering in Sorrento

    No problem tendering in Sorrento. However, make sure you leave plenty of time to get back to the port. It gets very crowded the closer to departure time and we encountered a traffic jam. Finally had to get out of the van and hike down a steep hill to the tender pier. I hate cutting it close and the line was not moving at all. We also did not have to pay in advance for our tour. Be leery of that requirement, for sure!
  4. Drink-in-Hand/Toes-in-Sand

    London Pass

    We got the London Pass and planned around doing those activities on the pass in one day. We started at the Tower of London and took the Thames cruise to Westminster. Those two things made the day for us. We were mistaken in thinking that Westminster Abbey was included (it was St. Paul's Cathedral). Just have a good look at the list of activities, and a map to discern whether you can hit enough attractions in the allotted time to make it worth the cost. For us, I agree with phabric that "fastpass" entry to The Tower was worth a day's London Pass by itself.
  5. Drink-in-Hand/Toes-in-Sand

    London - Is this doable in one day??

    We also opted for the London Pass. Started out taking the tube to St. Paul's Cathedral. Looked around and had our Princess Di moment and amazed at the whispering wall. Hopped back on the Underground to the Tower of London. Got right in a little after they opened and no line for the jewels. Then we toured the Tower at our leisure. Afterwards, we grabbed a portable lunch at EAT (near where you get the ticket) and hopped aboard the Thames cruise down to Westminster. A picnic on the river was just the ticket. Several other passengers stared longingly at our sandwiches. We lingered on the shore and admired The Eye, Big Ben, Parliament, etc. Used cash to enter in the "quick" line and toured the cathedral. SPECTACULAR. We lingered longer than we intended but happened upon the rose garden in the back. One of the highlights of our day. From there we walked back towards our hotel near Victoria Station, window shopping and stopping for tea and scones along the way. A lazy afternoon nap fortified us before dinner. That was more than enough for one day and we've got amazing memories. Hope you enjoy your trip as much as we did.
  6. Drink-in-Hand/Toes-in-Sand

    Rome Cabs, Stefano Rome tour specific questions

    We used Stefano ourselves and had an absolutely spectacular time in Rome. He understood what our touring priorities were and went above and beyond to get us there. I would suggest Rome as a base for... well, Rome. There is so much to see and do in the Eternal City you could spend your entire vacation there and be completelty satisfied. A day in the Vatican Museum alone would be worth the trip We started planning our trip with an Amalfi adventure, and Rome Cabs/Stefano himself came recommended by Salvatore Lucibello of Drive Amalfi. Our day began with a tour of Herculaneum. Then we asked for a drive down the Amalfi coast, and lunch at a local restaurant of the guide's choosing. Oh my heavens--the best meal we had on our trip, maybe in my entire life! As letsgo39 stated Amalfi is a long distance from Rome. I recommend staying in Sorrento. It's a lovely little town with wonderful things to offer. We had Florence and Pisa on another day and enjoyed a tour with Rome in Limo. They too were awesome and we saw so much more on our tour than we ever would on our own. Long line to see David? No problem! They took us through the back door and right up to the man himself. And an excellent side trip to the monastery above town for a breathtaking view of Florence. Sorry for the long post, but many opinions are usually the best option when considering what to do on the trip of a lifetime. So glad your husband is recovered and able to make the trip. Enjoy!
  7. Drink-in-Hand/Toes-in-Sand

    Ebury Hotel in Canterbury

    Sorry, cannot offer a hotel review. Just curious how long you plan to stay in Canterbury...? We visited recently and enjoyed the Cathedral and a walkabout town admiring the architecture. Had a great lunch at Wagamama and a little shopping. Then we headed on down the road to Dover to hop aboard ship. Thought it made for a lovely day. But didn't think much about staying over.
  8. Drink-in-Hand/Toes-in-Sand

    Go Scotland Tours - Glasgow & Edinburgh

    Oh, so much to do! My husband is a huge Braveheart fan, so we went to Stirling Castle and Bannockburn. Also saw the William Wallace monument. Along the way we stopped in Linlithgow Palace and St. Michael's Church which was lovely. It's about 15 miles from Edinburgh. Can recommend Doune Castle where they filmed Monty Python and the Holy Grail. In Edinburgh we saw the Edinburgh Castle and the Royal Mile. We were lucky enough to be there during August when the Tattoo was taking place. If you are there, DO NOT miss it.
  9. Drink-in-Hand/Toes-in-Sand

    how to keep track of family onboard

    We like to plan on meeting for breakfast. Everyone has a highlighter and a daily schedule. We review the activities and highlight which ones we will be meeting up for. Kinda geeky, I know but that allows everyone to split up and go their own way. If nothing of interest corresponds we'll meet again for lunch and/or dinner. Post-it notes work well for quick little messages on the cabin door. And of course the in-cabin phones for voice mail. We've tried walkie talkies and either too many people have them on board or there's just too much interference. They are fun for the kids, though. Makes them feel all "secret agent" special.
  10. Drink-in-Hand/Toes-in-Sand

    Azamara Club Cruises 2011 Destination Guide is great

    It is lovely, isn't it? A very substantial reference guide. Impressive! We received ours in the mail today and my husband said (hopeful lilt in his voice): Did we win a cruise or something...? Dare to dream, my love. :D
  11. Drink-in-Hand/Toes-in-Sand

    Go Scotland Tours - Glasgow & Edinburgh

    Hello Nana! Sorry I can't offer a review for Mike. I looked at his tours myself and heard good things. While in Edinburgh this year we used Gordon Ross of Great Scot Tours and he was wonderful. Gordon picked us up from the dock in full Scottish kilt and regalia. We told him exactly what we wanted to see, asked for his input along the way and could not have asked for a more gracious experience. I hope that your time with whatever tour guide you choose is memorable. :D
  12. Drink-in-Hand/Toes-in-Sand

    Princess british isles

    I second the recommendation for Gordon Ross. He is wonderful. Gordon took us on a Braveheart day when our Princess cruise docked in Edinborough this past August. He was flexible, showed us more than we imagined possible in one day, and is passionate about his groups. I can't say enough great things about him. LOVE Gordon!
  13. Drink-in-Hand/Toes-in-Sand

    Dublin - Princess Shuttle and Distance from Hop on Hop Off?

    We enjoyed the HOHO overall. It was a great way to get around the city. The route is a circle around town--no real choice there. Just get on and off where you see something interesting. We used the big green bus, although I saw others which take pretty much the same route. By booking online we saved around 20%. Although they advised taking the voucher you print out to the office, our driver exchanged our ticket when we boarded the bus. http://www.dublinsightseeing.ie/
  14. Drink-in-Hand/Toes-in-Sand

    Hotel in London and flight suggestions?

    We stayed at The Lime Tree Hotel during our visit. It's a couple blocks from Victoria Station in a great neighborhood. Recommended by Rick Steves, they serve a full breakfast every morning. The rooms are small but if you are looking for a clean, comfortable, friendly home base for your London visit we give them two thumbs up! I probably shouldn't have posted this... I might have let my secret out. :D
  15. Drink-in-Hand/Toes-in-Sand


    Cruised last week on Ocean Princess and the casino was only open one night. It wasn't advertised in advance and many disappointed fans crowded the area. Just be sure to get any funds off your card before the casino closes. We weren't told about this and now are waiting for a check from the company. For some reason they can't credit it to your room account. Wish us luck with that! Enjoy your trip. It was one of the most memorable cruises we've ever been on.