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  1. Presumably 100% of the crew will need to be vaccinated before sailings can recommence, and I don't see how vaccination of 70% of passengers could be managed.
  2. I understand why they are continuing to accept bookings - to keep money flowing in, but I feel that Regent would enhance their reputation by saying something along the lines of: "We are not taking further bookings until we know when our ships can sail again, and to which destinations."
  3. ......It has now! Availability in most categories.
  4. That's a worrying statistic. Where is the evidence please?
  5. Here is a photo of you leaving Venice - we’re staying in an apartment next to the Redentore Church - enjoying the view!
  6. Yes, just to make this perfectly clear, this is not the documentary about the building of the 'Explorer' which was shown some considerable time ago now, but a NEW two part documentary about life on board 'Explorer'. Sorry that my original post obviously did not make this clear enough for some.
  7. For those of us in the UK, there is a 2 part documentary on Channel 5 starting on 23rd August at 9pm: 'The World's Most Expensive Cruise Ship' 'New series taking a look on board the Seven Seas Explorer, revealing the secrets of the floating six-star hotel.' Don't know if has already shown in USA?
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