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  1. We also find it great for lunch and breakfast (when we are not in a full suite).
  2. Your sense of fluid dynamics is terrible. When California goes, the Pacific will reach the Rockies. Nevada and Utah will be under water. Aspen will be the surfing capitol of the country.😁
  3. Check Webster and Black's Law Dictionary. As soon as California falls off.
  4. Pled is the British form, pleaded the American form.
  5. Pleaded is the standard past tense of plead. "When asked for my plea, I pleaded guilty." I then pled for mercy???? I worked for an unnamed agency that printed hundreds of summones with the words "quilt" and "quilty" . They were destroyed.
  6. On the Star you will get the full inside passage to Vancouver, you won't on Royal.
  7. So, do mean that if the bill was introduced by senators from say New York or California it would be OK?
  8. Yes, the bus ride was long and the lunch stop was interesting, but it was an adventure. I think I would do it again.
  9. This morning the fare for our cruise is back to that of the original Grand booking and all onboard credits have been restored. Good job Princess.
  10. We were given A102 along with a $5000 upcharge. Will give them a few days to get it straightened out.
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