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  1. Yes, but more importantly does the toilet paper roll from the top or bottom. Could be a deal breaker.
  2. I'm sure this is a typo but what a great idea for those of us that enjoy a good wine with our dinner every night.
  3. You really need to sail NCL, we had an espresso machine in each of our rooms.
  4. During my Coast Guard career I visited many Navy ships but especially enjoyed Canadian Navy vessels - booze in the wardroom.😇
  5. The question was clear from the start, if the OP was accepting of the clear answer as it pertains to ships sailing out of the US he would not have persisited for four pages. The only "Navy" ships I have been on was to visit.
  6. And it is a great cure for insomnia, lots of info but very long and very dry.
  7. They are good with butter and garlic. Oh wait, that's snails but they are going away too.😇
  8. We also find it great for lunch and breakfast (when we are not in a full suite).
  9. Your sense of fluid dynamics is terrible. When California goes, the Pacific will reach the Rockies. Nevada and Utah will be under water. Aspen will be the surfing capitol of the country.😁
  10. Check Webster and Black's Law Dictionary. As soon as California falls off.
  11. Pled is the British form, pleaded the American form.
  12. Pleaded is the standard past tense of plead. "When asked for my plea, I pleaded guilty." I then pled for mercy???? I worked for an unnamed agency that printed hundreds of summones with the words "quilt" and "quilty" . They were destroyed.
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