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  1. It will be very warm initially but within a week the temp will certainly drop and then it's anyone's guess as to how wet or windy it gets. If the destination is southampton I'm guessing you will follow a more northerly course than if you were going to Barcelona and that means cooler weather. Weather in the Atlantic is very changeable though and I'm sure you will have a great time regardless
  2. We have had boarding passes for our flight, do we need one for the ship? Thanks Jackie
  3. I think OP probably means food like ribs,burgers,fries,pizza,fried chicken etc or perhaps meats served in an American way a la TGI Fridays.
  4. I'm looking at the deck plans but I can't work out how to acess deck 19? This has probably been discussed before but I obviously missed it :confused:
  5. Please could you send it to me as well - stevetyfry@gmail.com. Thank you so much :) 👍 Jackie
  6. Do you know the itinerary for the Epic transatlantic?
  7. I had been on other cruises with my friends and also with my husband. I thought then that " I could do this on my own " ☺ So I booked a transatlantic on Epic and looked forward to it with nervous/excited anticipation. I thoroughly enjoyed it and have booked another for 2015 & 2016. At the time I had so many carer responsibilities I just needed a break from everything. I just wanted rest, pure and simple, didn't particularly want company or even entertainment. I was very happy with my own company. However I could see that there were plenty of other solo's and it would have been very easy to make friends and access the activities. I decided to have a balcony but I'm sure if you were in one of the solo's it would be even easier to meet other people. What I loved was that I felt very comfortable doing whatever I wanted. Go for it 👍👍
  8. You will be able to get "English Breakfast" tea from the buffet which is perfectly ok but if you have a particular favourite bring your own. The tea served in the restaurants will be Liptons unless you make a specific request. Never a big issue but something to consider if tea is important to you ;)
  9. My options to replace Transatlantic on Star: 1. 13 day from Barcelona to Port Canaveral aboard Epic - 30th Oct 2. 14 day from Barcelona to Tampa aboard Jade- 30th October As the dates have changed I would like to know what the itineraries are now and have so many other questions. Hope they've got extra people on the switchboards!
  10. My Transatlantic on board the Star (Copenhagen to Tampa) has also been cancelled. They have offered me 3 options but when I looked at these options on the NCL website they do not correspond? :confused: My trip was 15 nights and the other options are 13 and 14 nights so their offer to maintain the original price isn't so generous. There are obviously big changes ahead but I will wait for the announcement before I decide.
  11. You will have a great time. :) If you want company there plenty of other singles/solo's for you to dine with etc. If however you prefer you own space it's very easy to do that too. That's what I like about NCL, you are free to please yourself with no one passing judgement. I sailed on Epic twice last year, once solo and once with friends. Enjoyed both equally. Enjoy!
  12. I love the casual atmosphere of O'Sheenans and had some reasonable meals there. However the quality of the fish'n'chips was dire. All very subjective I know but you can get much better on any British high street! Relaxing and comfortable place to hang out though
  13. NCL cruises from Copenhagen which may interest you? I have done 2 transatlantics with NCL and had no problems doing anything on my own terms. I enjoyed pleasing myself with no effort needed to please anyone else. There is lots of company and activities if desired but absolutely no pressure to do so. Hope you find yourself a good cruise!
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