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  1. She is within final payment so she can not cancel her cruise 😞 I have not experienced a guarantee as we usually book a room number.
  2. My daughter booked online an obstructed oceanview on deck 8 on the Gem for a holiday cruise this December for her family of four. She and her husband are teachers and can only cruise during the school breaks and thus she is already paying twice the normal fare. During the booking process it says you are getting a room (obstructed oceanview) on deck 8 and she checked no when asked if she wanted an upgrade to a porthole on deck 4. She booked a guarantee room which she thought meant any room on deck 8 obstructed oceanview. Instead she was assigned a porthole room on deck 4. She is unable to change it to deck 8 as the rooms that hold 4 people are under a different category that are listed for sail-away. I guess NCL doesn't care about how morally wrong it is to mislead their cruise passengers to book something and than UPGRADE them to something worse. They are unwilling to un-upgrade her to an obstructed oceanview room even though they are available. I am a platinum plus latitudes member and I am done with NCL. I am going to try MSC since they match my latitudes member and I will be a Gold member on their cruises.
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