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  1. No "New Passengers" for at least the next 30 Days Ann. . . . . all cruises cancelled.
  2. Sadly Broward County wasn't "Just doing their job", the case had already been signed off on by the CDC (Center for Disease Control, the BIG Boys and Girls in charge) all Broward County was doing was wasting a test and trying to look important. IF it had been COVID19, the damage would have been done by the remaining 1800 passengers who had already disembarked.
  3. Over reaction by the Broward County officials. A clear case of the county inciting fear and panic although the case and ship had been cleared by the CDC.
  4. Just left the Nieuw Statendam this morning and all seemed fine. We were held up only briefly departing upon the discovery of the death. Let me just say, it is NOT COVID19 related. If it was, the person would have been showing symptoms all week and HAL would have been on top of it. Like HIMSELF said, deaths are frequent occurrences onboard ship, and c'mon, its HAL. The demographic is aimed at older folks (like me). It is bound to happen. Add in the stress of returning to the "real" world and all the craziness people are spouting is enough to put anyone off and kill a horse! as Ine reported, "The U.S. Coast Guard, in conjunction with the U.S. CDC, had already cleared the ship for disembarkation after reviewing the medical specifics of this case." The county officials are just over reacting. The CDC cleared the case and the ship! The ship and staff were AMAZING, and the cleanliness of the ship was beyond reproach. The amount of sanitation and disinfecting they did during that week far surpassed anything I had ever seen previously on HAL. The Captain, his officers and staff were on top of keeping us informed and we had a wonderful week onbaord the newest ship of the fleet. We never felt threatened by the virus or our surroundings (actually the opposite, we wanted to stay on board because it felt so safe LOL) We look forward to sailing on her again once this crisis is over. Our hearts go out to the family of the deceased.
  5. Hey Eric, did you join the 34 day roll call and will you be at the Meet and Greet? Lair
  6. so, if you drink gin, and are going for 34 days, is the Gin and Tonic package (plus adding some tonic from on shore) a better deal than the mini bar? We are 3⭐s, so get a 25% disc for this trip. hmm, have to calculate. . . . . .🧮
  7. I think most people assume that because you are "dressed up" you have to be stuffy, they ssociate it with how THEY think they should act, therefore they don't like to get "duded up" and act all stiff when they do. I get it, you are "uncomfortable" with clothing you are not used to. When in all actuality, they are just cloths. You wear a dress, pant suit, jacket every day, just not the formal "look". Men, a nice jacket and even (GASP) a tie isn't going to make the evening any less entertaining or enjoyable. And hey, the ladies (and a few men too) like the look of a loosened neck tie or undone bowtie later in the evening over a martini or in the casino. Ladies, as I stated in another post, Katherine Hepburn, Roz Russell, Dame Judi Dench, Jackie Kennedy (even that Kardashian woman) and a lot of the grand ladies of notability all wore/wear splendid pant suits to "formal" events. It is possible to dress up, be comfortable and not be stuffy or restrictive. And all the BS about not wanting to bring another bag or my favorite "I am not trying to impress anybody" is just that, BS. Like I said before, don't dress up or put the effort out, it's ok! But also realize it says more about you than you think. 🤣 And with that, I am done with this thread. . . time to go put my dinner jacket on and head out. Have a great cruise, and I hope to see you aboard a HAL ship soon. First drink is on me! I'll be the one in the dinner jacket at the martini bar. . . . . . 😎
  8. LOL, Katherine Hepburn RARELY wore skirts or dresses, yet was able to dress to the nines. . . .
  9. Sadly, that does not make it right. . . . . .
  10. Isn't it wonderful that it is all these differences that make the world go 'round. Personally, just because I can go with the minimum doesn't mean I should, or do. Happy Sailing
  11. 🤣 LOL. . . . . .Have you stumbled in your non conformity? Apparently it is being non-conformist when you dress to the nines. . . . . . so, unless you dress up you are conforming to what everyone else is doing. . . . . . HooRAYYYYYY for the NON CONFORMIST! ROTFLOL. 😉
  12. I too appreciate Cunard's standards, and it is quite special, even spectacular. And true, HAL has lowered it standards about GALA nights. They were more . . . . "special" when we first started cruising (and were not called GALA nights). So 3rd gen, why the double standard? Cunard vs HAL dress code? Is it because Cunard has fewer ships and is not trying to appeal to a mass market where pandering to the lowest common denominator to fills cabins?
  13. HAL "suggests attire for most evenings is resort casual; slacks and collared shirts for men, and casual dresses, slacks and informal evening-wear for women. On gala nights women usually wear a suit, cocktail dress or gown and men wear a jacket and tie, dark suit, or tuxedo." Ok, HAL wants you to have a good time and relaxed the dress code years ago in order to remain competitive in the market. Time are changing and passengers expectations are changing, thus we now have "GALA" nights aboard the DAM ships. I have been wearing jackets and ties for 35+ years, so for me it is not a big deal. It may be a big deal for you, so go for the more casual alternative. However, GALA nights as stated above (and copied from the HAL site) suggests a minimum of Jacket and tie on those evenings. But I liked iancal's response, just don't go to the MDR those nights if you cannot or do not wish to meet the MINIMUM guidelines, there are lots of other venues for dinner. Besides people, they are JUST cloths. If you are dressed casually, I will certainly laugh with you and enjoy the evening just as much as if you were decked out to the nines. Just don't feel threatened by those who chose to honor the tradition. It is a PERSONAL preference, and you may not have the background to have attended events where dressing formally is expected, are uncomfortable with it or as iancal said, are just over it. Hooray! RELAX! Go have a good cruise! Have fun, dress up or not. It is really a moot point.
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