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  1. No "New Passengers" for at least the next 30 Days Ann. . . . . all cruises cancelled.
  2. Sadly Broward County wasn't "Just doing their job", the case had already been signed off on by the CDC (Center for Disease Control, the BIG Boys and Girls in charge) all Broward County was doing was wasting a test and trying to look important. IF it had been COVID19, the damage would have been done by the remaining 1800 passengers who had already disembarked.
  3. Over reaction by the Broward County officials. A clear case of the county inciting fear and panic although the case and ship had been cleared by the CDC.
  4. Just left the Nieuw Statendam this morning and all seemed fine. We were held up only briefly departing upon the discovery of the death. Let me just say, it is NOT COVID19 related. If it was, the person would have been showing symptoms all week and HAL would have been on top of it. Like HIMSELF said, deaths are frequent occurrences onboard ship, and c'mon, its HAL. The demographic is aimed at older folks (like me). It is bound to happen. Add in the stress of returning to the "real" world and all the craziness people are spouting is enough to put anyone off and kill a horse!
  5. Hey Eric, did you join the 34 day roll call and will you be at the Meet and Greet? Lair
  6. so, if you drink gin, and are going for 34 days, is the Gin and Tonic package (plus adding some tonic from on shore) a better deal than the mini bar? We are 3⭐s, so get a 25% disc for this trip. hmm, have to calculate. . . . . .🧮
  7. Hey all, Sailing from Vancouver with the HUZ on the Amsterdam in celebration of a milestone. . . (I won't say which one ;o) hope to see you aboard!
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