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  1. Not all travel agents are the same. Don't give up hope of finding a good TA. It is too bad that we are not allowed to make recommendations on this site, but when you are on a cruise and meet friendly people ask them for recommendations.
  2. I heard they were building over the water cabanas at CoCo Cay, but these wouldn't be ready until Dec 2019. Are the over the water cabanas that are $499 and $695?
  3. As I recall, the Caribbean Princess had a large flat screen tv mounted on the wall directly in front of the bed for balcony cabins. And it was On Demand. I had heard that Ruby now has the same set up. I hope so. Was your cruise on Ruby before dry dock?
  4. Thanks! As you can tell I'm a suburban girl that drives her car everywhere. 🙂
  5. Agreed. I didn't mention wind, but was visualizing the curtains blowing as I wrote this. An added tip: Dollar Tree offers large clips (6 or 8/pkg for $1) that make keeping towels on the chairs so much easier. The clips only come in white and blue, but are same size & strength as the decorative ones sold for this purpose in specialty shops. So, if you don't need your clip to have a flamingo, parrot, etc. head on it, make a stop at Dollar Tree. 😉
  6. Thanks for the replies! There will be 4 adults, Jiffy Jeff would be $60 + tip; does Uber/taxi charge pp or per trip? I'll check Florida Departures board for more info. Thanks again!
  7. Another factor in choosing Anytime dining for us is the change Princess made in traditional dining times. We like to be able to change our plans on a whim or have no specific plans for an evening. We do not bother eating in the dining room every evening on longer cruises, taking advantage of all dining venues the ship offers, including buffet occasionally.
  8. If you can swing a mini-suite, all issues would be solved, plus you'll have a good size balcony to use.
  9. I'm relieved to hear the general layout was not changed! Coral is my favorite ship, and I would absolutely hate to hear they did to her what they did to sister ship Island.
  10. I've always heard "Eat onboard, drink in port" . We don't necessarily follow that -- it's nice to sample foods onshore, and we drink when/where we want bc we don't drink enough for it to make a difference.
  11. I've noticed that the cabanas at the Retreat pool are often in the sun on Regal/Royal. They do have some sort of curtains by the posts, but have never seen them closed to prevent excessive sun, and not sure they are large enough to offer shade. We like that area, but do not rent a cabana bc we like to follow the shade/move around and would be reluctant to leave the cabana if we had paid for it. Hope you have a fabulous cruise and find the cabanas to your liking!
  12. I have never cruised out of Miami, and all flight searches end in FLL. Is there an inexpensive and convenient way to travel that last 50 miles? Renting a car and staying overnight in a Miami hotel seems excessive added to the price of the cruise. What do you do? Any suggestions/tips appreciated!
  13. Weather is a roll of the dice anytime. We did Alaska on Coral in May several years ago and were in shirtsleeves on our balcony while cruising Glacier Bay. My experience with room service breakfast is that you can write in requests on the door hanger order form and they will do their best to accommodate. I often order a Monte Cristo Sandwich for breakfast. The MC is in the book of room service options.
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