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  1. A friend has asked me to help her decide between Liberty and RC Mariner......I've read overviews on each, but think knowing the age of the ship and the date she was dry-docked and renovated is one of the deciding factors. Any info is appreciated!
  2. A friend has asked me to help her choose between RC Mariner and Carnival Liberty, and one factor in choosing is year the ship was built and the last time she was renovated. I think I read Mariner was just recently out of dry dock and now has a lot of the new amenities that the Oasis class ships have -- is this true?
  3. Ive noticed a 'beach bed' for $199 for our upcoming cruise.......it looks like a mattress w/pillows and a canopy for up to 4 persons. That seems reasonable and allows a comfy spot to relax/nap.
  4. We lived in Sevilla for a couple years, and I think both suggestions are good ones.
  5. Speaking from my experience on many Princess cruises and I doubt RC will miss the opportunity for more revenue, I would expect the bars to be open when you board, especially the ones on pool decks.
  6. I would gladly buy the soda package, I just did not see it as a choice when I looked at drink packages. Much better than carrying soda. Good advice! Thanks!
  7. Thanks for the quick reply! That will last for a few days. How about bar prices for a can of Diet Coke for the rest of the week? I'm guessing about $2.15/can, but would like to mow for sure.
  8. Wondering what the RC policy is for bringing soda onboard in my carry-on? First time on RC, going on Harmony of the Seas in Nov...can't wait!! I realize there is a non-alcoholic drink card for $20/day, but that seems steep since I will only use it for a few cans of Diet Coke per day. As an alternative how much is a can of Diet Coke at the bar, including the gratuity %? Thanks for the info!!
  9. Thank you for the reply, Chiliburn. We can take fairly rough seas, but will be prepared with our 'seasickness kit' that goes on every cruise with us. It seems to bring us luck and never have had to use it. We are on the repositioning cruise, we get off in LA but Ruby goes on to Vancouver for the Alaska season. I've already started thinking how to layer for warmth. I'm super-excited about this once in a lifetime (for us) trip!
  10. We are on Ruby Princess in early April. I hope conditions are favorable for us! Is April, the beginning of winter, a good time for visiting?
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