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  1. Refund for excursions for a cancelled cruise 4th April Canaries. Refund requested via telephone 13/03/20. Refunded 15/05/20
  2. Received first email from Cunard today the day before the cruise was supposed to depart tomorrow. Basically email telling me to either opt for a cash refund for excursions or the money converted to on board credit at 110%. Sent from my iPad using Forums
  3. Thank you host Hettie that is most informative. I will wait until communication is sent out regarding the refunds. just to inform folks who may have thought I was in a mad rush to get a refund my asking Cunard today on this matter was on the tale end of cancelling a July Iceland cruise and getting a fcc the lady asked if I needed help with anything else so I explained about the cancelled April Canaries cruise and I had no notification of refunds To which I was told The 600 spent on excursions would be converted into on board spend for a future cruise.
  4. IB2 If that’s directed at me may I suggest you re read my post. my point is I was told I would be refunded for excursions but now told that isn’t going to happen and the money converted into on board spend. And yes canuker I will keep you informed.
  5. Spoke to Cunard today regarding £600 of cancelled excursions from the April canaries cruise which I cancelled 24 hours before Cunard cancelled it. At the time of cancellation I was told the money for my excursions will be refunded to the card I paid only to be told now the £600 will be converted into on board spend on any future cruise. I took issue with this so it has been handed to public relations who will look into it but for now my money is floating around in cyber space.
  6. I got answered on 03443388650 it did take 1 hour 5 minutes for them to answer so be prepared for a wait once answered I managed to swap my April Canaries cruise over to a cruise next year confirmation email came thru immediately. for those cancelling or moving cruises to another date if you have booked tours you get refunded to which card you used.
  7. Thank you it makes for interesting reading,I did call Cunard and was told that we had to have the same drinks package the reason being they may loose revenue if I share, I told them that both packages are the same price but alas they will not budge.
  8. I like coffee my companion likes sodas,a coffee package is $10 per day a soda package is $10 per day. can anyone explain the rationale that we both must have the same package,I understand if I was asking for an alcoholic package, after my recent call to Cunard they obviously think that all of their customers are dishonest and would share their respective package with other people but the price is the same I fail to see how Cunard will be disadvantaged.
  9. Hello wise ones. im planning a future cruise with P@O Aus and weighing up the cabin options. Can anyone tell me if your a suite guest for dinner are you able to order from the main dining room menu and have it in your suite...thank you 😆
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