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  1. Watching the St. Maarten Port Cam right now... Can see crew rolling suitcases off the ship (Vision) onto the walkway. I know SXM has been allowing various lines to come in and debark/embark crew....
  2. The Victory Casino ship goes out of Port Canaveral Wed-Sun and sails out three miles... all we do is weave between the cruise ships floating out there. We get close enough to see the staff sitting on the balconies... Have to wear mask and gloves if you go, but still a way to get a few hours of "sea legs" and have a little fun!
  3. OP here... yes rebooked (again sigh!) Now on the Mariner on 10/2/2020. Just have to keep trying...
  4. Myself and several friends have been booking and getting cancelled over and over, it is frustrating but understandable, currently booked on the Mariner on 9/18. I think the initial cruises will be of short duration (3/4 days) and likely just use the Coco Cay/Nassau routes. It looks like St. Maarten is continuing to wrestle with letting the US folks in as they have moved US flight ban to August 1. I have friends on the island that I talk with daily and I think the issues there are reflective of many of the islands. The government support is minimal and the funds are running out. The
  5. Went out on the Victory Casino Ship out of Port Canal last Thursday (very well done by the way masks and gloves required at all times, plenty of social distancing and sailed with 25% of normal passengers). The Victory ship goes out three miles and basically cruises back and forth while patrons gamble. Very strange to be so close to many of the cruise ships that are anchored out there. You could clearly see the staff waving from the balconies. Must have been at least 10 ships anchored out there. We are paid up on a September 14 2020 eleven night on Equinox and are bookin
  6. "Virgin Voyages has made the decision to postpone our upcoming events in Miami to a later date for a proper launch celebration," Virgin Voyages representatives said in a statement. "We believe delaying the launch celebration is the right thing to do given public sentiment and focus at this time."
  7. Had this happen to us once before... I was curious as to why and kind of stalked the room just to see if it was in use. It was occupied by a minor celebrity's family (a talk show host). It may be that some folks have the inroads to get what they want (not a big surprise).
  8. Which itinerary were you on? I've been trying to get confirmation on which nights are formal during the Western Sailing. Was there an Aqua Theater event or show other than The Fine Line? Is one of the pools adults-only? I've read conflicting info about that. Did anyone in your group try to Escape the Rubicon? Was it worthwhile? We were on Western, no other aqua event that I was aware of (two of the cabins were right above the aqua pool so we should have been aware). One pool was adults only and they enforced the rules. You also may not have drinks on
  9. So I read all of the Harmony threads before the cruise. There were still some little things that kept the cruise from being 100% (I would give it a 90% which is still MUCH better than a day at work). I guess the things that I minded were more related to how the other Oasis ships do things v. Harmony. Wonderland food was great, had some "newbies" and I love introducing folks to the experience there. The drawback was that there was no "Mad Hatter" character roaming around to add to the atmosphere. I asked why this was and got a surprising answer "We sail full every week and do not ha
  10. The charter is a Pittsburgh Steelers cruise. Departs 2/17/2020...
  11. Thought I would ask this as our community here is a wealth of knowledge... We are doing a chartered cruise 2/17 on Navigator and following that up with a B2B on 2/21 (same room). We have done B2B before but never with a chartered cruise wondering if the process will be the same on 2/21. Does anyone have experience with this? Thanks in advance!
  12. Lots of good advice above, I have to work every day of the cruise for a few hours. VPN blocking can indeed be "worked around". I also recommend downloading large files early or late (the only band width competition is the crew). Once you have the file downloaded you are free to work (albeit from a balcony with a bloody mary at hand)!
  13. It varies ship by ship (actually casino manager by casino manager). They do have the usual offering of money lines, points, over/under and for special occasions prop bets. The bets have to be made at the cashier cage (which does not endear you to the cashier as this requires a good amount of filing out forms and sending information electronically to shore side). You will then get your confirmation of wager acceptance (do not be surprised if the line changes, happens frequently). I also noticed that any sports bet play does not add to your accumulated rating. They offer
  14. In case anyone is tracking the storm below are the coordinates of Coco Cay 25.817° N, -77.933° E
  15. Always enjoy these events and wondered if they do one on the Harmony at the Jazz club? Thanks!
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