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  1. I also was wondering, our August, 7 day cruise cost me a lot less than what i`m seeing now. We had a celebrity cruise that was cancelled in Feb, they did a lift and shift, same cruise for the money, that seems to be the fairer way, for the customer.
  2. There are several stores here in Ohio that sell gift cards for discounts off of gas. When my daughter built her house, they purchased Lowes gift cards from Kroger and earned themselves several free tanks of gas. Maybe poster bought them for gas points, that's what we do.
  3. I know in the past, the 2 rooms, left and right, closest to the doors were handicapped rooms, do you happen to be in a handicapped room? Our bed was always up under the window.
  4. We have booked these room several times, love them. Very quiet, very little foot traffic. We have seen a couple people outside the windows, but for the most part, people do not walk all the way down a hallway to go to these decks. Yes at night you want your curtains closed, but during the day, you couldn't see in them. I love going out and setting on the bench waiting on hubby to wake up and just read. The doors do slam shut if people aren't holding them.
  5. Thanks for the great review!! We leave on the Glory Jan 19th, with our daughter, son in law and 3 children lol 5, 3 and 8 months!!. Except for our daughter, it will be their 1st cruise. I use to have chinchillas, they are so sweet!!! We also have booked the front rooms with the secret deck, on several carnival ships. They are nice with out the cost of a balcony.
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