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  1. Hi Sobellejanet Nice to meet you..and hear you are a fellow traveler. This is our first cruise on Crystal , and first time to Asia, so very excited. We are probably staying a few days extra in both Singapore and Hong Kong. I noticed Crystal roll calls are not very active. In fact most have only 3-5 members so not very useful . I have read the Celebrity Mille rolls calls , which does a similar cruse to ours and has been very valuable research tool. The recent roll call for the March 2019 cruise on Celebrity was 29 pages , great info to plan your trip. So go check it out Ciao for now
  2. Great suggestions appreciate the response. I find planning a cruise to Asia a bit more difficult then say the Med, but I'm vey excited about the opportunity
  3. Hello, Wondering if someone could help me. Trying to plan shore excursions for our 2020 Crystal Symphony Cruise , Singapore to Hong Kong March 1-16, 2020 From Crystal's website it is not clear what actual ports are for the some of stops on the cruise . For example , March 12, 2020 the ship stops at Da Nang, Vietnam, but does not indicate which port . It appears there are two potential ports for this stop Chan May and Tien Sa ...how can I find out which one Crystal uses? Thanks very much
  4. What a great review . Thank you for sharing very helpful For your two days in Bangkok , you used private tour guide "Thai Tour Guide" what tour did you use LP1? website is below : http://www.thaitourguide.com/bangkok-shore-excursions.html What was van like , was it comfortable? One of our group is celiac , do you think the guide could help us with this? thank you
  5. Hey i found this link https://www.halonghub.com/blog/halong-bay-weather-in-march/ temps in low 20c...thats warm for us Canadians!
  6. HI we are travelling in March of 2020. Love idea of kayaking etc..but you are right might be chiller in March. I'm going to research temps thanks Hubofhockey!
  7. great advice and suggestions thank you very much
  8. Thanks for the great feedback . having trouble finding the March/April 2019 Symphony cruises.
  9. Hi Just trying to plan ahead for a future cruise with a stop in Hanoi/Hongai. From my research, the actual city of Hanoi is 2.5 hours away by car. We drive in port at 1pm and depart at 7pm the next day. Given the small window of time and distance from the port to Hanoi think we have to choose either redoing the land excursion to Hanoi or do the Halong bay Junk cruise What would you folks do? Any suggestions would be greatly appreciated cheers
  10. Hi , We have booked our first Crystal Cruise . Mar 1 , 2020 . Singapore to Hong Kong Really excited and looking forward to it. Already started researching ports and options for itineraries while port. I know its a year away but I love this part of the cruise planning Tried to look at similar cruises on the Crystal website to get a better idea of what tours Crystal offers but what was on the site seemed limited and not really useful Also emailed the help line to get information on the actual ports for the cruise , not really much help I tried to go to roll calls for similar cruises but also not much information there as well Any thoughts ? Thanks for your help
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