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  1. Cala Cortina beach is easily accessible by bus or taxi. You can even walk if you are ambitious.
  2. Just did 10 day cruise on Konigsdam. All the big production shows are gone. There are no big shows with elaborate sets and costumes. They use the World Stage digital screen as the set. Smart move on their part. Somewhat disappointing but not a deal breaker.
  3. My two cents based on recent experience: most of the strategies being discussed here are complete overkill. If you are even the slightest bit aware of your surroundings, you won’t be a victim. There are SO many people who have their faces buried in their phones with headphones, completely unaware of what’s going on around them. These are the people who are easy targets.
  4. I believe there is a car rental place right in the port. Might save some time.
  5. Yes. The service is poor. There is no schedule. You may wait 30 minutes or more. Worst of all the stop is about a half mile from the ship. HAL was offering shuttle service for $16 round trip.
  6. Less than a third were wearing a suit or jacket during Med cruise I just did. Wear a nice shirt and pants and you will be fine.
  7. I believe you will pay the $18 corkage fee for the extra bottles, regardless of where it is consumed.
  8. I don’t think it will work if you go through TA. Why not buy OBC directly from HAL? That definitely works.
  9. I would think so, assuming you aren’t running payment through travel agent. I would CALL Holland America to make payment (instead of using website) to make payment to keep the charge as generic as possible.
  10. It does not matter if cruise was booked outside of specified dates if you are buying OBC. The charge shows up as a generic Holland America charge. AMEX doesn't know what you're paying for.
  11. Can confirm that $150 credit posted to my account today.
  12. Yes. It appears under "Amex Offers & Benfits" when I sign into my account. You need to click "Add to Card" before you can redeem offer.
  13. Called today and got the redemption confirmation email from AMEX before I even hung up with the HAL rep. Sweet!! Free money! Before I made the purchase, I asked what happens to any unused OBC. They said it gets refunded back to the card it was purchased with (NOT the card tied to my onboard account). Needless to say, I will use up all of the prepaid credit. Not going to take any chances with a refund and losing the $150 credit. I already have the credit earmarked for unlimited laundry and some happy hour drinks!
  14. Good info, thanks! So what is the best way to purchase OBC to ensure I will redeem AMEX offer?
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