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  1. To a degree this is true, but not entirely. I’m a smoker and a cruiser. It’s a bit difficult these days but not completely untenable. I do not expect an indoor space to smoke under any condition. I accept this is the new reality. That at being said, on our last Celebrity cruise on a Solstice class ship (Silhouette I think?) in March of this year they had eliminated all the covered smoking areas. We were entirely exposed to the elements be it blazing sun or pouring rain. I didn’t like that in the least. A relaxing cruise for me involves a large coffee, a good book and a pack of smokes, hopefully in a comfortable area. That was impossible. We have since discovered Holland America and we are very happy there. We returned today from a 19 day cruise with them including a transatlantic segment. So, yes we adjust, but within reason and we will change lines and loyalties if a certain line is crossed. i would actually prefer though if they would eliminate casino smoking on all their ships. On this cruise it was allowed most nights and my wife dropped a small fortune. She spends much less when she has to leave for a smoke. Edit: It was actually January when X limited smoking to exposed areas. Our first Holland cruise was in fact in March.
  2. Hi Sheila, i bought a simple Vape device (juul) specifically for this reason. It’s very helpful in a pinch and it’s allowed in your stateroom.
  3. Hi Avian. I’m posting in the Single Smoking Thread now, as I was yesterday when I asked my question. One of us is lost....pretty sure it’s not me.
  4. Thanks so much Srpilo! This is more or less what I was expecting and hoping for. This was the exact setup on the Zuiderdam when we were on her back in January. The description quoted by so many makes no mention of the Lido. I am much relieved and appreciate your clear response. Larry
  5. I have the same question. Looks like we will be on the same cruise. The “sports deck forward and aft of crows nest” isn’t terribly informative. Is their seating? Is the area protected from the elements? Please let me know if you have learned any more.
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