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  1. we will be cruising out of ft lauderdale on the Independence of the seas. I was just wondering if there would be a time difference after daylight savings time. So when he told you to meet at 9 am does that mean 8 am ship time? dale88fan... just noticed where your from, we are like neighbors I live in Oneonta, NY
  2. We have him booked for our cruise in March! Could you tell me how long was the tour, we are doing the same one as you. Is there a time difference between ship and island? We will be there after daylight savings time here in NY. Thanks for all your info...we are very excited about this tour!
  3. does anyone know how much the beers were at the sunset bar?
  4. I also would be interested in the best spot on the beach...I will be there for about 2 hrs and would like to relax and have a beer or 2 (maybe 3) does anyone know a nice place to sit and relax that isnt to pricey? I thought i read some where about $2 or $3 beers some place but cant remember where it was.
  5. Does anyone know how much the beers are at Sunset bar?
  6. nenner1... great review as I am sailing her in March. I have a question about the hotel you stayed in precuise, Did you stay in their north or south location as we are booked for the south location (was slightly cheaper) if so was there any stores within walking distance also any resturants? I know that you drove yourself but do you know if there was a charge for the shuttle to the port? Their website said no charge but when I called to confirm my reservation they told me they were starting to charge $8 but after speaking to management they say they will waive that fee for us. Thanks for your information.
  7. Looking at a couple of their excursions. Has any one ever done ultimate island tour with coral beach excursion? Any info would be greatly appreciated.
  8. I agree that I spend just as much money on board even with bring some of my own cocktails. About 3 years ago I was cruising out of Charleston SC on an NCL ship and our booze got busted! I spent less money on ship that year than any other, I guess it was the thought that I had to pay for every drink made me conservitive. (not sure I spelt that right)
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