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  1. Our June 2020 to Alaska was canceled by Princess in March. Called to complain a couple weeks ago, was told I was in que, had my claim escalated, deposit received in full today. I hadn't called previously, was just trying to be patient, but thinking my call might have moved things along. I could be wrong, but the timing suggests it may have. I also emailed several executives whose contact info was posted here but I didn't get any responses so I don't know that it helped any.
  2. We had our June 2020 Alaska cruise canceled by Princess in March and were supposed to receive our deposit credit in 60 days. I finally called them 2 weeks ago and was told that I was "in que" but no info to offer. I complained a bit more and she told me she could "escalate it" so put me on hold and filed some sort of form on my behalf. I have heard of this process before in the other threads about cancellations so I wasn't holding out much hope. This morning I received the credit on my card. I don't know if my call kicked my case in gear or not but i am grateful to have my deposit returned. I hope others get results as well!
  3. We did not pay in full before our cruise to Alaska in June was canceled, but did pay a deposit. When the latest rounds of cancellations came in, i went to fill out the form hoping to get some of our deposit back and the form said that we did not have to request it, that we would automatically get any deposit we made credited in 60 days to original form of payment. This may not be applicable in your situation, I just thought I would put it out there for others. From my calculations we would get our deposit credited around the time we were going to cruise this summer.
  4. I booked myself and we had the sip n sail package for my DH and I hence the low deposit. I am not going to pay the final payment and will allow them to cancel me but it would be nice to receive the deposit back as FCC. I guess I should just be grateful not to have paid the $8k already.
  5. Our final payment is due in a couple of days for our cruise from Whittier to Vancouver. We were lucky enough to have our final payment extended from 90 to 60 days so we could see how this situation played out. Obviously we are not going on this cruise that departs June 10th so I will not pay the balance due (cruise and airfare) and our reservation will be canceled. I am wondering about the $550 deposit we paid. Are we just losing that? It would make sense we would, except that this cruise is most assuredly not happening although I doubt that decision will be made before April 11th when our payments are due. I am very grateful not to have made final payment yet and not have to deal with getting that back but I am not excited about being out the deposit given the current circumstances. Anyone have info on how non-refundable deposits work at this point? Thank you.
  6. I called this property and was told that they won't take reservations for next year until mid-August so I guess I will try back then. I will assume the other properties I see are operating in a similar manner. Great news that i have some time to decide, not running out of inventory all together already!
  7. I had not looked at that page but in doing so I clicked on a property I was interested in, Denali Bluff, and it says has all dates outside of this summer as "unavailable" I had looked at the properties listed on the Alaska.org website as close to the park entrance and each of them showed nothing available on my dates. I called one of the Princess lodges and she said they thought they had opened those dates but to call an 800# to check availability. I was on hold for 20 minutes before I gave up.
  8. bballmomma

    Denali Lodging

    DH and I are planning our Alaskan cruise in June 2020 from Whittier. We are planning 2 overnights in Denali area before our cruise and as I look at lodging, there are very few accommodations left at this point. I am only going online but when I go to one travel site to look at broad availability there are only 5-7 hotels/cabins that have availability. My question is do some properties not have reservations open at this time for early June next year or is everything really booked up this early? Thanks so much!
  9. DH and I recently off Freedom and we commented how few kids there were. Most we saw were young kids with their families. Not many teenagers and pre-teens. Some yes, but way less than we have experienced on our other Caribbean cruises. We commented that our kids would have hated that cruise as teens because there was nobody to make friends with. We loved it.
  10. We are recently off the Freedom and while we were in our hotel after our cruise waiting for our room, there was a group of people who were in contact with the port/cruiseline/ship discussing how their bag that was put outside their room was not waiting for them when they got off and they were trying to locate it. I do not know what ended up happening for them. It was not settled by the time our room was ready.
  11. We enjoyed the unlimited dining package ($154/pp) on Freedom (Chops, Sabor, Giovannis) and would do it again . We do not enjoy the MDR. The only time we do MDR is if we are cruising as a group and want to eat dinner together. Otherwise we do not enjoy the experience. We also don't need big variety of food so were happy to eat dinner at each place twice. We made all of our reservations for the week as soon as we boarded and didn't have a problem adjusting them later in the week as needed.
  12. Definitely. On our last cruise things were very casual. After a couple of nights DH moved to nice shorts and a collared shirt for our meals and we fit in fine. Going more casual is something we have moved to as we have cruised, just less to pack and we aren't dressy people. I wasn't impressed with the man next to us in his white cotton tank top but I guess everyone has their limits.
  13. I have been watching an Alaska cruise for next June. The price went up $140 total today for the cabin we wanted but added the Sip and Sail so we booked it. The deposit also went down to $500 from $1100. That was my favorite part. It will be our first time sailing with Princess.
  14. $18 for Nyquil on FOS recently. Was glad to have it. Shocked at the price!
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