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  1. Thanks for all the info . We are on tha Escape March 26 2022 .( sorry complawyer I wont be on your cruise. For the shows to pre book do I do that it a cruise planner ?
  2. If I make a reservation for a Specialty restaurant & I have a perk for 1 specialty place & book it before I get on the ship will I have to prepay or will they know I have the Perk
  3. going on the reflection april 2022. I haven been on Celebrity in a while ( they didnt have YTD the last time I was on ) how do you go about making a reservation ? Do I just show up & wait or do they have an app that lets me put that I on my way or what ? The same goes for the shows .Do I have to make Reservations ahead of time like on RCCL or do I just show up ?
  4. We are new to NCL & i hope we are still sailing on march 2021 . What I would like to know is how do you go about planing for dinner. Do I just show up at the dining room & wait for a table or can I call ahead or use an app ( if they have one ) to put in a time . What do I do . Also do you have to make reservations for the shows .
  5. checked mine yesterday by going onto my booking & going to print Tags I had room 7333 on the Radiance ( which is a suite on the Breeze ) an my new cabin on the breeze is 7345 not bad.
  6. ProRockCruises , we got our email telling about the change to our Dec 5th Radiance > Breeze swap with $200 OBC. We already have $ 600 OBC from another canceled cruise & from what John N . said we should get both
  7. I am also going on the Dec 5 cruise I picked this one from a canceled april cruise. If they have to cancel ok but what I dont like is if I rebook to a future cruise ,say nov 2021 That cruise is a lot more .I wish I could just roll my money to a new cruise at the same cost as the canceled cruise
  8. Thanks for all the replies I didnt know this is a New Port for NCL
  9. If you walk down the beach away from Margaritaville ( about a 10 min walk ) you get to Jacks Shack there are some more beach bars as you keep walking some charge for chairs others let you use them if you get food & drinks ,but I dont know of any place that has all you can drink for $20
  10. I have a cruise planed for april 2021 & I was looking for a ship excursion to do & I'm not seeing any. I see them for the other islands but nor Puerto Plata .Does any one know why??
  11. how do you put a hold on a cabin on line . I have never tried that .Is there a spot I am missing .I only see book this cruise??
  12. how do you put a hold on a cabin on line . I have never tried that .Is there a spot I am missing .I only see book this cruise??
  13. I am going on the Dec cruise also I heard they canceled the summer cruises because in sailed from NYC
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