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  1. So CruzinScotty If I'm understanding this correctly the bus drops us off at the check in building then we get on a shuttle bus to the ship
  2. I was hoping the bus would be able to drop us off at a check in terminal like Ft. Lauderdale or Miami .It sound as if you get dropped off at security ,show your passport then get on a shuttle to the ship or is there some king of waiting area before you get on the ship ?? Don't know why bus cant drop us off closer
  3. Hi we are going on the Sunshine in Nov 2019 & there are 54 of us coming on a bus to the port of Charleston. I here there is a new drop off .We have a few people who cant walk that far & I was hoping to be dropped off at terminal where you get on the ship . Can anyone tell me the steps we have to now take to get on the ship .Like do we get dropped off & then have to get on a shuttle or what Thanks
  4. 6'4'' & I have don't it .so you are not alone .I feel your pain
  5. Just wondering can you get bottle water as part of the free drink package .
  6. thanks for the info & elcuchio24 I make the same mistake about St. John.
  7. does anyone know what time choir of man starts. We are on a eastern route
  8. Does the Breeze use Crown Bay or Havensight to dock in St thomas
  9. I an think of doing this NCL's excursion . Has anyone done this with NCL & if so what time did it start. They say we dock at 6am that's kind of early to start an excursion They say its 4 1/2 hrs long but not sure how long it takes to get there and back. We are in port till 2pm so would I also have enough time to shop ?
  10. We are on the Escape & in St Thomas 11am to 7 pm can anyone tell me what time this NCL's excursion starts? It says its 4 hours so Im think you would only get 2 hrs beach time. I also wanted to know if I would still have time when we get back to shop in Havensight even though we dock in Crown Bay .
  11. thanks I love steak so 3 nights it is
  12. we have the 3 night meal plan but want to know can I eat in Cagney's steakhouse more that 1 night
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