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  1. I thought about renting a van but not sure if TPA would have rentals of Vans at the airport or where & what company to use . Or would a Limo servive be better
  2. What is the best way to get from Tampa air port to Port Canaveral . We will be flying in a day or two ahead of time & staying at a hotel in Port Canaveral before the cruise . There will also be 10 of us
  3. I have to fly into Tampa to get to the port at cape Canaveral with a group of 10 people .Can anyone tell me the best way to do this
  4. anyone have john Heald email address
  5. I have a issue with the table assignments for a large group & need the Sunshine's Maitre d' help on a Nov 2 cruise . I can get on the ship early because I'm Platinum but don't know when the Maitre d' will be at the MDR on embarkation Any one have any ideas when he may be there ?
  6. could you check to see if you could leave a message on your cabin phone ,if you call from one of the deck phones . Also can you enter a code to retrieve the message on your cabin phone from another location other than your cabin
  7. Need help. I never redeemed my fun points from my carnival credit card before I used it to prepay gratuities & $ 100 bar credit They aren't showing up on cruise doc's & when I call credit card company they said I have to go to customer service to get them on my account . Is this true or how does this work ???
  8. Garth2 I don't think you are right about how appointment times are assigned .I'm platinum in a suite & I still got 12 to 12:30. So skridge could you let me know what happen when you went 9/7. I think the thing I think is strange is the 12 to 12:30 time when the ship leaves port at 4pm.There are 2 other groups that are also leaving on that day where they tried to get appointment times at 12:01 on the 1st day we could check in & they were also given 12 to 12: 30 So if we arrive early can we check in but may have to wait to board ship ??
  9. Is this something new where the earliest time to check in at Charleston is 12:00. We did out check at 12:05am the 1st day we could check in & the earliest check in time was 12pm. This is strange to me because the ship is leaving port at 4pm Has any one used this port recently I thought we could check in after 11am .Also 2 people in our group have 12:30 to 1 while we all have 12-12:30 will they be able to check in with us ?
  10. according to the port manager a charter bus goes into the union pier terminal Main Gate which is 32 Washington Street then they drop off there bags ,so if someone on the bus is handicapped & there bags are tagged you can off load them from the bus. This puts you near building 324 so you can walk in or get a wheel chair so your party can check in. Than you take a shuttle to the ship
  11. Just called Jeff & he told me all I needed to know. Thanks cruisinagain1960
  12. Thanks ,I looked up the scspa web site & didn't find all I needed to know but Its good to know I can call the administrator for help .I didn't think to do that .
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