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  1. I have stayed on Deck the last cabin 12329 . The view is good . The slide is there but doesnt block your view of the show also being on a higher deck it doesn' t block your view of the ocean . Now if you go on the same class ship without the slide those last cabins are great . I like deck 12 because there is no balcony above you . Its just a over hang & it gives you shade so it doesn't get hot . What you can do is go to youtube and search the cabin # to get a better look I also just booked the Symphony with cabin 11329 for Oct
  2. My wife plays in the casino all the time & we get casino offers all the time . They give you a different # to call to book the cruise with a casino Royal deal
  3. staying in the us & we are fully Vaccinated
  4. ryano ,we are fully vaccinated so I believe we would be exempt from covis test when leaving ship . However we would be required to take a test 3 days before we cruise & have it show a Neg test
  5. Does RCCL make everyone departing a cruise in Miami to be tested before they can get off the ship if it leaves from Miami & returns to Miami ?
  6. Need info on how to get from Port of Miami to Ft Lauderdale airport post cruise . We don't use uber or lift . So I'm thinking Taxi . I don't mind paying more for the Taxi if its waiting in line at cruise terminal .Need to get to airport for a 11:21am flight
  7. The air lines just changed our flight again for the third time for my Symphony cruise 10/ 23 . Now the flight from Miami coming home on the 30th is at 10 am . I know in the past when I used self assist I could make an early flight but I haven't left out of Miami in 8 years . I forget how long it takes to get to airport & if check in at airports takes long . Plus do we get tested for Covid when leaving the ship . Help please .
  8. I cant read that darn list . My CVS is using the Rapid Artigen Test -Binax Now is that one ok
  9. Anne , what wifi did you have .Surf or Surf & Stream .Also how was the wifi on the ship . I would say they also did a good job installing it on Coco Cay because it looks like your cabana is far away from the rest
  10. Thanks Baowen , it worked . Your so smart lol .
  11. I did the check in on line For my Symphony cruise 10/23 . I was told I could add a picture of myself on the RCL App but I don't see how to do it . Has anyone done it & if so how ?
  12. what is the best ( free ) beach to go to on Coco Cay . I'm looking for no rocks in the water , not large waves , easy to get in & out ,not far from a bar & Food .I dont mind walking to get there
  13. We are talking about the Symphony. But I'm in the aft ( last Cabin ) Boardwalk cabin so Im not sure what to do . Could you get just the surf & if its not working for music just upgrade. But I bet you would have to pay with no discount
  14. can anyone tell me if I can get SXM, Amazon Music, Pandora or IHeart Raido with just Voom Surf or do I need the Surf & Stream
  15. I thought I saw the tips was 15.5% I must have been looking at some old info . Now its 18%. .Need to rethink this . Does any one know where I can get a New drink price list . Like for soda , Beer, special coffee , & frozen drinks
  16. Its $58 right now but Tips not included .You have to add on a 15.5 % to the package .
  17. I'm in the same boat . We are on the Symphony Oct 23 . I'm hoping its a go
  18. thanks for the reply ,next time I see it go down I will book it & keep watching it see if it goes down again & rebook. I didn't know I could do that . The problem is my cruise is in October & I didn't want them to have my $$$$$ . If they cancel the cruise do they but the money back on my credit card or is it OBC for next time I book ?
  19. Went online to check drink & internet prices today & it looks like they went up . I fond deluxe drinks for 67 per day & internet Surf for 14.39 . I remember seeing drinks for $59 & surf for 13 something .Also deluxe & stream package for $77 what happened ????? Will they go down ?
  20. Took our grandchild with us on the Sunshine & she was One ,& we had to pay full price .Also asked for a crib but its like a pack & play and does take up room .At dinner we always got a highchair . We didnt use a baby sitter because that was me while the rest of the party hit the casino ( I dont gamble) but I did it after the show .
  21. will the crew have to get the vaccine before we are allowed to cruise ?
  22. We have Mardi Gras for april 2023
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