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  1. Platinum gets to board after the Wedding and Diamond guests and get to go straight to their staterooms. They have a special lounge to wait in. Your luggage will be delivered first to your cabin. You will get a special gift from Carnival (think it is a luggage tag currently). You get one bag of free laundry. There is also a special line at guest services for you to use. When getting off the ship, you get priority for water shuttles and final disembarkment. FTTF gets similar but is always after the Diamond and Platinum guests.
  2. Here is a review I did about the Paradise Cruising as a solo, you will meet lots of people. I did it once. At dinner, YTD is the best. Have them sit you with other people and you will make friends. Go and enjoy. Since it is just you in the room, the cheers program probably is a good deal for you. I think the break even is 5-6 drinks per day. Sorry about the hard year and hope 2020 is a better year for you!
  3. we did not do self- assist last February, but we were off and in our car at 9am.. You can bring a 12 pack of soda with you on the cruise. We do this. The cans cost about $3 each on board + 18% gratuity
  4. They board after the wedding parties, diamond, platinum but before the FTTF. They get to sit in the special lounge with the other priority members. FTTF has their own section.
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