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  1. I just found out that Carnival has a special outreach program that brings orphans on board in different ports, giving them a tour of the ship and feeding them Guy’s Burgers. At Christmas, they got to meet Santa They also provide an excursion in most ports including Cozumel. It’s called MAKE A DIFFERENCE: GIVE BACK WITH PURPOSE. The description is ; Make a positive impact by visiting San Miguel Village, meet with Maya descendants, learn about age-old traditions and help the local community! It’s only 3,5 hrs long and gives you lots of time to do other things. Additionally, if you would like to bring school supplies to donate, let Carnival know ahead of time and they will get the proper paperwork done
  2. Going through old pictures, I forgot to mention the towel folding class offered on the sea day. It is a fun class and you can learn how to make all the cute towel animals
  3. This is the camera that I have had since 2011. It works great for all types of pictures on land and in the water. It is water proof and great for cruise trips. Friends of our just purchased one for their first cruise and loved the quality of the pictures it took.
  4. Our final visit was to Yal-ku Lagoon, an inlet where ocean and fresh water mix full of all types of colorful fish
  5. We ate lunch at La Buena Vida. It was really good. They have some tables that are in the tree tops too along with a pool, hammocks and swings
  6. Next we went to Akumal bay to swim with the turtles. Our guide took us out there and he free dove to get us some good pictures
  7. The other family that was in our group had to go ziplining. While they were doing that, my kids were jumping off a rock into a cove
  8. The Cenotes are a bunch of underground caves through this region that you can dive or snorkel through. We took a trip snorkeling. It was very interesting seeing the different cave formations from the water. My youngest did not like the snorkel gear, so he just swam along with us
  9. We visited Tulum. It was early in the morning and it was HOT! Make sure you have good walking shoes and water. A tour guide can help make the experience memorable. I have been to a number of Mayan Ruins over the years in Mexico and Guatemala. Most of them are underwhelming to say the least. The Ruins at Tulun are my favorite with the ocean right there. You will also encounter some wild life around
  10. You can also go to mainland Mexico and visit Playa Del Carmen, The Mayan Ruins or Cancun. These trips I would schedule through Carnival or through a reputable tour company. We used Eventure tours and they were fantastic. http://edventuretours.mx/ It is owned by an American and you can customize your trip. We visited Tulun, snorkeled in the Cenotes, swam with sea turtles, ate at a wonderful little restraint and then snorkeled at Yal-ku lagoon. I will post pictures below with more information about each spot.
  11. Chankanaab National Park is another great destination. I visited there once in March and it was not crowded at all. The water was beautiful and full of fish We found a coupon online for discounted admission. Admission is $21 per adult and $14 per child. They offer beach access, along with chairs, umbrellas, life guard, and places to eat. You can get massages or enjoy a hammock while the kids can play on a playground. There are places to snorkel and dive with easy access-equipment can be rented there. The also provide HANDICAP WHEELCHAIRS for those needing them. In addition the dolphins, manatees and sea lions. If you would like to swim with them, you can purchase those encounters and they include entrance into the park.
  12. Cozumel is one of the best places to scuba dive in the world. I don’t dive but know several instructors that do and they all say this is one of their favorite. There are tons of good dive companies, most of the located along the main road. Carnival does offer dive packages but you will get a much better deal booking directly with a dive company. Just a side note.....if you have never dived or your certificate is out of date, you will need to be certified. You can take online classes and then do dives locally before you go and check with the dive shop about final certification. I met someone years ago that thought they could just show up and dive. They were so disappointed when they were turned away you can also snorkel and see a bunch of the reefs.
  13. Senior Frogs is located in the downtown shopping area near the Punta Langosta pier. My husband had been there years ago and wanted to create better memories there. We were some of the first ones in for lunch. There was singing and dancing and free shots and shot girls walking around offerering 5 shots for $10. The tequila shots were cheap tequila which my husband said were “nasty” as he drank both shots they gave us. It was very loud and noisy and definitely not a place for kids. The shot girls do not wear a lot of clothes and get very frisky when they give shots. The drinks were good and the food was okay. There while goal is to get you drunk and the evenings are definitely a big party spot
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