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  1. Isn't it great that it is only national milk chocolate day? wonder when national dark chocolate day is.
  2. I emailed P&O with my ref no last week, got an email this morning saying OBC was now on my account. I am sure that at some stage in the distant past you had to pay the final balance before the shares OBC could be added? We have never been refused shares OBC on any Carnival line cruise regardless of any other offer that we had booked under.
  3. We have tried many routes over the years but now always go M1, A34, M3. It is the most direct and avoids the M25. It usually takes us around 4 hours at a steady pace. Bank holiday will likely add a bit on. You just need a bit of good luck whichever route you take.
  4. Fantastic drive from LH. Some of these drivers forget their previous incidents when calling out others. I think the penalty was harsh but the stewards couldn't be seen to letting Lewis off scot free. Nice to see good results from Lando again.
  5. P&O are likely the cheapest mainstream cruise company for drinks, they do have several drinks packages, probably best to go to their web site and dig out the details. You need to be a fair drinker to get value from the drinks package, you also need to check what is not in the package as there is an upper drinks limit on cocktails and wine. MSC drinks packages are good if you can get a deal especially when hot drinks and ice cream is in.
  6. Great for reserving sunbeds though😁
  7. But do they take stuff back if it doesn't fit?😁
  8. It is a painted (rainbow) bunting. Native to the USA
  9. Its a horrible day here, pouring down and murky, more like November than July, however this has brightened up my day
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