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  1. Yorkshire building society have a new saver account @ 3.5%, save up to £500/month for 12 months. For existing customers.
  2. Yes but that is not an issue for us as we will cruise with P&O again. As we haven't used our FCC we can still take the refund if we needed it but obviously at the original 100%. So I still see it as better than money in the bank.
  3. If you get 125% FCC you would still be 25% better off than someone who paid for the same future cruise with their own money.
  4. Welcome back Graham, off the naughty step then?
  5. You would be more out of pocket paying for the same cruise with your own money
  6. That would sure stop you from rolling out of bed.
  7. Israel to be first country to institute ‘green passport’ for those who take the COVID-19 shot | All Israel News
  8. Tell Michelle you are only virtually drunk when you get home.
  9. IATA - IATA Travel Pass for Travelers Interesting info regarding covid travel pass
  10. Fwee Gwaham, if we don't have a Gwaham, fwee Bwian.
  11. Probably nothing now but they probably would have done in the years following Spanish flu.
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