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  1. I work on the principle that I can pretty much sit where I want, but will always choose outside seating as first choice, however in fairness I tend to stick to the old saying:Do unto others as you would have others do unto you.
  2. My tariff has jumped this year after a good deal with EDF last year. I looked at a couple of the new companies but after so many of them have gone bust over the last few years stuck with a 2 year fix with EDF. We are lucky in the fact our energy costs are reasonable because we have good insulation.
  3. I don't know how far out the new brochure will go. We booked our 2022 Jan cruise in Oct 2019 from what was the new brochure at the time.
  4. Usually the 2023 brochure would be out next week, however things aint what they used to be. I am hoping Moley will give us a clue if and when the brochure is due. We were in the same predicament with a 35 night Caribbean cruise scheduled for Jan 3rd and payment due this week. We decided to take advantage of the flexible transfer and move to March 2023. We would be happy to take that cruise to the Canaries but may move it if there is anything we like the look of in the new brochure.
  5. Really enjoyed this match, two great young players which I am sure we will see much more of over the coming years. Well done Emma Radukanu.
  6. Geiranger was our favourite cruise port until we went to Olden, it is a close call. By end of May the Seven sisters falls should be full gush,
  7. We have seen Bootleg Beatles a couple of times on P&O. We have also seen The Cheatles, but not sure if that was P&O.
  8. I have to agree which is why we moved our Jan 22 cruise on Ventura. We would have hung on if 30 day payment was in place.
  9. I think the main gripe about this approach is that P&O are running trips with time on your own, which defeats the object of keeping people safe and smacks of making money from a bad situation.
  10. Basically you will have to wait and see. Currently you can't get off unless you are on a P&O tour, even if that gives you free time. Who knows whether Spain and Portugal will accept ships in Jan. Covid is an ever changing thing and will likely be for some time. You need to consider what you are willing to accept and make a decision accordingly.
  11. Cracking day here, I reckon we have had more sun today than all August, and there is more to come.
  12. Albeit I don't disagree on MSC customer service, but I hardly think P&O customer service has exactly been good of late.
  13. We like MSC and I would second your views, however we thought the pizza and ice cream were excellent, which you would expect from an Italian cruise line. We were scheduled to cruise Japan and middle east on Bellissima last year and will do that cruise when the opportunity arises.
  14. I am not sure, I wouldn't want to apply common sense answers as it does not apply in most cases. The Delta variant seems to have dug in with only one new variant I have seen which is of concern. I think it is a case of watch this space until an announcement is made. I would however expect one big Pharma to have created a modified vaccine to tackle Delta, in the hope that the virus had not mutated so much that it was ineffective.
  15. If only it was that simple. We used to usually get to know around March time what strains of flu were the most likely to be prevalent, we then had to order the raw materials that had short shelf lives and start production for supply Aug/Sept for the European market. some years the flu vaccine was not very effective as WHO predicted wrongly or a super virus emerged. Albeit the pharma companies reacted quickly to Covid it is difficult to create a vaccine for a variant that may have mutated by the time the vaccine is available. It may be a case of a booster of what we currently have to increase protection, clinical trials are currently running and may give pointers. There seems to be a favourable view that anyone who has had Astra would benefit more from Pfizer or Moderna. I have not read anywhere that swapping from Pfizer to Astra is advantageous. It is not easy to get quality data as Pharma tends to keep things close to their chest, unless of course they want to boost their share price.
  16. According to the Ambassador site they are applying to join ABTA, I don't know what that entails or how long it takes, however if you book with an ABTA bonded TA you should be as safe as you probably can be. Reading the small print is always a good idea and something a lot of us have probably got better at over the last year or so. I think it is a line we are likely to cruise with in the future because of the itineraries and the ship size. I have noticed quite a few of their cruises are wait listed for several cabin types.
  17. Ambassador have purchased Pacific Dawn from P&O Australia, it was originally to become Amy Johnson for CMV but never entered service with them. Ambassador is run by part of the old CMV team and starts cruising May 22. They have some interesting itineraries on a small ship, several of which we cruised with CMV. The ship is mainly adult only but like CMV they do have a few multi-generation cruises during school holidays. Could be worth a look.
  18. This seems to happen a lot, have you checked your details on cruise personaliser, there is/was a box to tick for emails?
  19. I think the emails most of us are getting are automated, I moved my Jan 22 cruise to March 23 and got 3 emails within a week welcoming me and telling me I had a cruise in 80 weeks, which I was hardly likely to have been unaware of. I honestly think P&O are losing the plot as far as customer service is concerned.
  20. I would wear a dicky with dinner suit and a tie with a normal suit, but that is my personal choice. I would prefer to wear a shirt and tie than a jacket and no tie, again just my choice.
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