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  1. I know I've seen Belvedere and Grey goose of some sort on the ships, although 3 years ago. I also remember Tito's because that one is my favorite!!!
  2. Does anyone know if Magic Red Frog Pub still has happy hour specials on embarkation day (2021)?
  3. Maybe a couple hundred a cruise. Sometimes more, sometimes less. That doesn't count the money that I won and put back in, either.
  4. Same here, but we got a free 8 day. It won't be "free" by the time I'm done 😄 but still couldnt pass it up
  5. Instead of a 7/7, I think I'll order a 7/sierra mist 😄
  6. The deals are better coming from the casino rather than moving up levels on Carnival.
  7. Thank you for posting the 8 day menus. I think we will be going to the steakhouse on the third night.
  8. Does anyone have all 8 menus for the MDR? We are going on the Magic if that makes a difference. I wasn't sure if the menus had changed recently. I just wanted to have a look so I can book the steakhouse for a night that doesn't have any good options for me. TIA
  9. Every time I had the carafe from room service, the coffee was lukewarm. I quit getting it for this reason.
  10. I believe that comedians rotate to a different ship after two weeks. The previous poster was correct in that pre-covid they were changed out in the middle of a cruise.
  11. I want to be one of the last off the ship on my next cruise so I'm going to hide somewhere.
  12. Why did you have to go to two different bars? Did they only have one bottle at the first bar?
  13. It takes the longest time to reach Diamond. From Platinum at 75 days until 200 till your reach Diamond. That is 125 more days at sea. Wow!
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