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  1. Anyone have any recommendations for a gay-friendly resort or hotel in the area? Looking for one right before a cruise (out of Tampa) and one on a nice beach (or super close) for a few days after a cruise. Any suggestions appreciated! Thanks!
  2. Yes. Will be interesting to see. She has intineraries listed. Hope so! I just did a Lift and Shift onto the Connie. Been on her two or three (can’t remember, must look), so it will be interesting to see if she gets that scheduled refurb now on hold!
  3. Ah, yes. The squeaky wheels always get the grease. Perhaps I’ll call this week. Don’t want to be stuck with a cabin downgrade...and I don’t always trust them to do the right thing!
  4. Last week, I opted for an online Lift and Shift. Had to change ships, but I don’t really mind, as I’ve been on most of the Celebrity ships, except the newest ones. Changed from a winter 2021 (too soon for us!) to winter 2022 (much better odds it will go and bookings are filling up fast!) The website said I’d receive confirmation within 72 hours, but, of course, that has lapsed. Celebrity has a habit of not sticking to its own policies, in my experience. For anyone who did an online L/S, how long did it take to get your confirmation? At what point should I call and che
  5. Well, due to COVID, we are canceling this trip, sadly. Going to do a Lift and Shift to 2022. Will mean switching ships, to the Constellation, but I’ve been on her a couple times before, so may be kind of fun to return and see her refurbished!
  6. I don't think anyone is blaming cruise lines for the virus. I do, however, think they can--and SHOULD--be held accountable for how they have dealt with people on their ships when there has been a case aboard. Full transparency and contacting all passengers is the ONLY way to go. Otherwise, it IS a giant fail.
  7. Sounds to me like we can expect further cuts to the on-board experience. Reducing operating expenses means chopping!
  8. Agree. There is still considerable downside, but it’s hard to time the market. It probably will go lower once financial impact is assessed and analyst calls made. I’d wait myself, but I’m no expert.
  9. Nonsense. It is the medical officer of health based on scientific evidence. If the government decides to restrict travel or close borders, that’s an entirely different story. But saying it’s the government is like saying the CDC warnings have been caused by Trump.
  10. This is a non-partisan public health issue, not a political issue. It has absolutely NOTHING to do with the sitting government. Just to be clear.
  11. Nobody over 60 with any underlying health issue whatsoever should go on a cruise. Simple. if you’re over 60 and are in perfect health and take no medications, then it’s a personal choice. Almost nobody, however, is going to be covered for this by insurance. So if medical bills (possibly even medical evacuation) are an issue for you, DO NOT cruise. If you don’t care about medical bills, and have no medical issues, again, your choice.
  12. Tough situation. And I wonder how long the cruise lines will stay solvent if this continues through the year. Not sustainable, unfortunately.
  13. Sorry about this. Hope you get in soon. it seems to me that every fever now is going to put a ship in suspicion. They simply can’t risk it. i suspect we’re going to see more of this in the industry. The good news is that Celebrity is being professional and looking after their passengers. Hope it’s smooth sailing for all!
  14. Any recommendations for a small-group Cartagena walking tour? We’re not into big groups (about 8 is nice) or stopping at shops. Enjoy architecture. Any great experiences you’ve had?
  15. What a great idea! On every cruise I’ve taken, I’ve ordered a bouquet or two from Celebrity. They’ve always been really nice. But.....is it just me or have the prices risen pretty significantly? Everything seems to have!
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