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  1. 1 hour ago, Paula_MacFan said:

    We've stayed in D731 more than once, which is right next to D729, and never had any soot problems.  It's one of our favorite cabins because the quiet aft location, beautiful wake views, half covered/half open balcony, and 'premium deluxe' designation which means you get the small loveseat for additional seating.  


    I'm sure if you do a search you will find all kinds of feedback on these cabins, and depending on the weather and itinerary they may have had other experiences with soot.  It's never been a problem for us, and in fact we have the same aft cabin area booked for 2 more upcoming cruises.  I wouldn't let it deter you.

    Thanks so much for your good report!  I appreciate it.

  2. 1 hour ago, nocl said:

    At least as of earlier this week one of the normal Hawaiian ambassador couples (we have been on three cruises with them and have kept in touch during the shutdown) have not yet heard anything from Princess about the 21/22 Hawaiian cruise season.  Since they are the people that do the ukulele and hula classes one would expect some contact by the cruise line soon if it is going to be the normal program.


    Have no way to know about the other pair.

    Are you speaking of the couple known as "Elua", or one of the others?  They are all good, but I believe that Elua has been around the longest.  I am hoping to have the Hawaii Ambassadors on my next Hawaii cruise, this fall.


    Thanks for posting about the Hawaii Ambassadors.  

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  3. In case my mention of movies sounds kind of dumb, please consider that movies in the Princess Theater are a great experience.  Great screen, fabulous sound!  I love the movies in the Princess Theater!

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  4. I have been on 8 Princess Hawaii cruises, all RT from California.  They  have all been great!

    On sea days, they always have lots of activities.  Shows, talks, movies, and musical performances in various locales.   Not to mention eating!    No way to be bored!


    Enjoy Hawaii!



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  5. I would like more beers to choose from, also.


    On my recent cruises,  before COVID, I was always pleased that the outdoor bars had Heineken available on tap.  They also regularly had a dark draft beer, but I can't remember the name of it.

    (I admit I am getting old!)

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  6. 9 hours ago, casofilia said:

    I have an interesting one here in New Zealand.   If I try to login I get the rotating wheel for "as long as".   BUT if I completely close down the Princess website and then go back to the website I find that I am logged in!!


    Wow, yes!  It works that way for me here, too, in Chicago.  I use an iPad.

  7. I applaud the Alaska Senators for taking this action.  Considering the fact that they represent Alaska towns that are directly impacted by the lack of cruises, it is good that they tried to do something.  At least they made the effort.


    I have been on 14 Alaska cruises, and two of mine for 2021 have been cancelled, by Princess.  (These were cruises to/from Vancouver, with stops in Ketchikan, Juneau, Skagway, and Whittier.)


    I appreciate the Alaska Senators.

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  8. 17 hours ago, nini said:

    My apologies; my intention was only to post a "glimmer of hope" for Alaska cruises this year.

    The PVSA and Jones Act have been often addressed on other threads regarding the Alaska cruising season.

    I just thought that it was interesting to see this online article about an attempt of a lifeline for Alaska Recovery efforts.


    And thanks so much for posting!  Sincerely, thaniks.


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  9. Thanks, all, for the great comments, interesting thoughts, and wonderful pics.  

    Do you think that the Platinum Studio will still be there when cruising resumes?  I have cruises scheduled on Ruby and Grand, but not until November and then the following March.


    The quality of the pictures looks great, but the price...  yikes!  I guess it is a case of paying appropriately for quality.  I understand.  It is just that the first glimpse of the price was a shock.  I am not familiar with shoreside studio photography prices.


    Thanks in advance for your thoughts.




  10. I would like to eat at Share, again, on an upcoming scheduled Ruby cruise.  I ate at Share when it was brand new.  At that time, the chairs were very uncomfortable..  Hard wooden chairs, no padding, with an uncomfortable design.  Has the seating improved, at all, at Share on the Ruby?  Thanks in advance for your thoughts.

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