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  1. Thanks, all, for the thoughts on the wine. Interesting about Mondavi. I also kinda like Woodbridge.
  2. Isn't it Mondavi? I will look forward to trying it, on the suite balcony🍷🙂
  3. That should cover it! I'm getting the wine. Cheers! 🍷🍷
  4. Glad you received the wine, and thanks for the hint on how to get it🙂🍷🙂
  5. OK, fair enough. I have always had it on my Alaska cruises and Hawaii cruises on the Grand. It is such a nice touch that I just had to mention it. I really like the red arrow showing the entrance to Club Class!
  6. Also suite guests receive a complimentary dinner at one of the specialty restaurants on the first night. Crown Grill or Sabatini's. Nice!
  7. Aft is fantastic! You can't beat the view or the sound of it🙂⛴🛳🐋⚓️🌅🌈🌝
  8. This will be a great cruise! New Zealand is stunningly beautiful. What an experience! The Pacific Princess is a nice little ship, a very different experience from the Grand Class ships. Enjoy every minute!
  9. Wonderful🙂 Seattle is where my fab Cruise Planner is located⛴⚓️🐳🐋🌈🛳🙂
  10. Oooh, I should have said: Hakuna Matata! Sorry to Timon and Pumba!
  11. Princess had much to do after cruises were cancelled in March. I received my refund after a long wait. I did not call, and I never complained. I never pestered them,. My refund eventually came through, as I knew it would. Be patient. It's all good. No worries! Hapuna Matata!
  12. Don't miss views of Denali (the mountain itself) while in the Anchorage area. The museum in Anchorage is fantastic!
  13. I came back to say that I really like the fish sticks at the buffet! But then that's without the upcharge and the upnoise🌝
  14. I was worried that many of the red wines would not be stored in proper conditions, especially proper temperature. Glad that many here feel that all will be OK. Cheers! 🌊 🍷🍾 🙂
  15. Canoeing on the Russian River sounds fantastic! Thanks for the great comments!
  16. Wow, I forgot about the noise issue. I have read this before. I would be upset if I paid for noise and fish sticks. Thanks, all, for the honest responses.
  17. The online sample menu says that an additional main would cost $10. Perhaps an additional appetizer could be had for an upcharge?.
  18. Thanks for the great answers about it being unlikely that they would move the wines, and also about champagne. So interesting about the corks!
  19. Sogne Fjord, above. It won't let me fix it.
  20. Port side will be fine. For me, in the past, port side view was great going into Oslo Fjord, Geiranger Fjord, and Sogne Fjoed. Enjoy!
  21. Wow! A really good story! Thanks!
  22. I wonder what is happening to the wines on the ships? Who is caring for them? Or, do you think the fine wines were taken off of the ships? i was all set to have Jordan Cabernet, on my next cruise, when it was cancelled the day before embarkation, in March. i hope someone knows the answer about the wines. Thanks!
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