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  1. Thanks to those who have mentioned the Captain's most travelled luncheons. What great experiences those are. I am so fortunate to be able to say they have been spectacular on Sapphire, Diamond, Emerald, and Star. Wow!
  2. Fresh salmon at Crown Grill in Alaska. A window seat made it perfect, as did Silverado Sauvignon Blanc and Crown Dependemce for dessert. 🙂⚓️⛴🌅🌈😌🐳🐋
  3. Just fantastic! Thanks for sharing🌝
  4. I received my full cash refund a couple of days ago. I am elite, like you, and I had close to five figures involved. Hang in there. I was close to 90 days.
  5. I always have a great time at the theater shows on the Star and other Grand Class ships. I sit in the first few rows, lower left. I always attend the later, second performance, and I get there 15 - 20 minutes early. Fantastic! Enjoy! 🙂⚓️
  6. Today I received my full refund for my March 13, 2020 Hawaiii cruise. I was previously refunded for my shore excursions and specialty restaurants. I am very pleased with Princess.
  7. Wow! I hope to see Santorini myself, someday👀👓🕶☀️
  8. Fuchsia, photographed at Butchart Gardens, Princess Shorex from Victoria, BC last Septemer.ttt
  9. Enjoyed the similarly situated E732 on the Grand, again with no issues.
  10. Have had spectacular cruises in E731 on Diamond, Ruby, and Sapphire. No noise issues in E731🙂🌈🐋🌅⛴🐳⚓️🛳
  11. Yes, Coral and Emerald have nice, sheltered promenade decks for being out and about for seeing the sights.
  12. Thanks for the nice posting. I love the Sapphire and Alaska.
  13. I would sail on any of them but I really like the Sapphire's wide, sheltered promenade deck. Fantastic for Alaska scenery, Enjoy Alaska!
  14. Another view of the salmon feast:River near Haines, Princess Shorex from Skagway.gg
  15. Feasting on salmon in the river near Haines, AK. (A Princess shorex from Skagway.)
  16. OK, but if they don't cover those things, what is the point? It seems I would have been better off to save the thousands of dollars that I have paid in Princess Insurance, since 1988, and created my own cruise insurance travel fund. I would be covered, at my own discretion. The old saying about fool me once... Fool me twice... Comes to mind.🙂😌🙄
  17. So, it seems that in the future, it would be wiser on my part to book my own outside travel insurance. Yes? Or do they not pay up either, under these extreme circumstances?
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