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  1. On my last Voyages to Antiquity cruise there was a large group of Road Scholar folks who had been on for awhile already. Among them - a plus size lady with grayish hair and about 5'6". It was like looking at a sister from another mister. We joked because we always got confused - she got my drink order, the RS tour guide kept trying me to hustle along to get into their specific bus. We sat at dinner together one night and most folks were doing double-takes. Shar
  2. I have a wide foot & a high instep and I've found that Naturalizers have shoes that fit for all occasions. I also have a pair of beige-brown Crocs mary janes for walking around the ship. They are especially useful near the pools. Shar
  3. Wow, thanks everyone. I do like to post and stay in touch with family since I'm a solo traveller. I'm not a big fan of trying to find wifi in port since again solo + I have heard folks complain about security. The big issue is still the overall package thing that HAL is promoting - not a drinker, solo so am difficult to accommodate in the paid venue dining rooms. I have a long time to worry about it so will decide later. I'm spoiled because my last 5 cruises onboard the Aegean Odyssey came with free wifi. Calm seas - Shar
  4. I'm booked on a 50 day with Hal and am currently signed up for the 'extra' package deal they are offering. It includes internet but I'm thinking of dropping the whopping extra $2, 000 and just buying stuff I figure I'll need. Anyone bought a package ( $400 for 40--51 day ) and how did it work our? Thanks Shar
  5. Thanks everyone - I did end up booking a different cruise. Calm seas & blue skies - Shar
  6. Does someone have picture of the balconies on a HAL ship that have steel rails instead of clear view? Thanks.
  7. I was hoping for a quick review of this category cabin or a D cat on the same deck. Any noise or other issues? thanks Shar
  8. VtA responded to my inquiry about their blog and said that they will try to keep the website up to date. BTW - I'll be dong a HAL cruise from Sydney to Vancouver next April. Shar
  9. Cynthia - Staff said that VtA is still in business as a travel agent so could perhaps assist with travel arrangements. That information came from Allison who quite frankly is not the best source. My concern is there will be a lot of lay offs etc. at their various locations. I guess we could wait to see after the last of this year's cruise to see if they post anything. Shar
  10. I will miss the ship and was in fact on the cruise that went up the west coast of Africa this year. Since there are no perks, things are paid for in US$ and no airline gateway listed for Canada, I'm afraid it's a farewell for me for this company too. Shar
  11. Thanks everyone - I ended up booking through HAL for flight out, went with direct with airline for the short flight from Vancouver to Toronto. I saved around $450. CDN. Shar
  12. Wow. Thanks everyone for your quick and helpful responses. As a Canadian, I always have to make doubly sure I'm getting quoted in $$CDN. My flight is a full month ahead of my ship embarkation in Australia and since I'm flying out in March the Hal feature of making sure you get a flight is handy. Right now Hal's quote is $350. cheaper than Air Canada on the flight I want. The flight home from Vancouver to Toronto is cheaper on the AC website. Have a great Labour Day weekend everyone. Shar
  13. Anyone booked their flights using HAL? Any issues? thanks Shar
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