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  1. VtA responded to my inquiry about their blog and said that they will try to keep the website up to date. BTW - I'll be dong a HAL cruise from Sydney to Vancouver next April. Shar
  2. Cynthia - Staff said that VtA is still in business as a travel agent so could perhaps assist with travel arrangements. That information came from Allison who quite frankly is not the best source. My concern is there will be a lot of lay offs etc. at their various locations. I guess we could wait to see after the last of this year's cruise to see if they post anything. Shar
  3. I will miss the ship and was in fact on the cruise that went up the west coast of Africa this year. Since there are no perks, things are paid for in US$ and no airline gateway listed for Canada, I'm afraid it's a farewell for me for this company too. Shar
  4. Thanks everyone - I ended up booking through HAL for flight out, went with direct with airline for the short flight from Vancouver to Toronto. I saved around $450. CDN. Shar
  5. Wow. Thanks everyone for your quick and helpful responses. As a Canadian, I always have to make doubly sure I'm getting quoted in $$CDN. My flight is a full month ahead of my ship embarkation in Australia and since I'm flying out in March the Hal feature of making sure you get a flight is handy. Right now Hal's quote is $350. cheaper than Air Canada on the flight I want. The flight home from Vancouver to Toronto is cheaper on the AC website. Have a great Labour Day weekend everyone. Shar
  6. Anyone booked their flights using HAL? Any issues? thanks Shar
  7. More than a few blamed their travel agents for not disclosing the weather conditions. On a related note, on a Hal tour of the Baltic area, a few folks complained about the endless sunlight. Shop did a great sale on sleep masks. Shar
  8. HI Keep in mind that they have remade the movie recently so here's hoping you get the right one. We didn't actually land on Devil's Island but a neighbouring one. I sent postcards from there marked Devil's Island but no one received them here. I did that cruise quite awhile ago and it was wonderful. I did tours that took me further up the river on smaller boats to see the tributaries. FYI - I kid you not but lots of folks cancelled their tours because they had no idea it could be so hot near the equator. Enjoy - Shar
  9. Thanks for the quick reply. I usually stick to Hal tours too since I travel solo and I know I can rely on them for timing etc. Shar
  10. HI Great review and the pictures are wonderful. Did you book HAL shorex only? Did you take NZ currency with you and about how much? Thanks
  11. Cheese Please - mind sharing what cabin category you were in. I was on the Capetown-Malaga cruise and am considering doing the one in September. thanks Shar
  12. I got matched with a room buddy and it turned out very well - she was tidy, funny and well travelled. I know how lucky I was. I know I can't mention the company name here so - travel.chick88 at sign gmail.com if you have any ?? Shar
  13. I know it sacrilege to say this here but could you maybe pick up a land tour for Scotland? I did one for Ireland last June and it was great but a lot of bus time. Shar
  14. So, over the course of my 63 day cruise there were some Odyssey Club m&g and a few special events. Some of the info shared - - VTA is a travel agent only so you can still book other things through them. ( This from the cruise director who did not answer when I asked then who owns the ship.) - currently no plans to purchase a second ship but they may be looking for one. - the whole RD charter thing is purely a business decision since the owner is 90+ years of age. - RS is currently planning on using the same agency to hire wait staff etc. - VTA in Oxford is working on plans for trips etc that may include some of the Odyssey perks. ( This may not work out so watch the website I guess.) Lack of communication has always been an issue with this company and I could site several examples but I don't think my blood pressure would take it. Bottom line - I saw Namibia and had a long break on a floating hotel for free. My only concern now is for the staff. After all that time on board when you see pics of their kids, hear about their home life and listen to them want to do better for their families, a lot of the crew touched my heart. Shar
  15. Thanks for the updates. I'm encouraging my friend to cancel her August trip but Voyages may do it for her. Meanwhile and with no little irony, I arrived home to find 2 really large brochures from Road Scholar. Shar
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