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  1. On our sailing of March 5, 2022, all of the cabanas are already sold out
  2. When the Mardi Gras is finally delivered the Excel category of suites will have some added benefits.
  3. Mardi Gras. Was supposed to be on the Trans-Atlantic, which was cancelled. So used my 25% future cruise credit towards an Excel Suite. Going to enjoy my guaranteed Loft access and my big balcony, and wait to see what all Carnival has planned besides a big deck party.
  4. Hmmmm, I wonder what will be released in the 15th? I went ahead and booked the Mardi Gras Sailabration cruise in March 2022. I used my 25% towards an Excel Suite, alas, not one aft with the private hot tub, but a fwd one. Besides the ship meet up there is supposed to be a big deck party (hohum, will probably sleep through that) a midnight buffet, and some other special things.
  5. Same here. The only reason I even knew that the Mardi Gras Trans-Atlantic was cancelled was because a FB page I had joined mentioned it. Never got an email or a letter. To be fair my PCC did leave me a message.
  6. https://www.cruisecritic.com/articles.cfm?ID=340#the-ship-has-been-overbooked I did find this article originally on Cruise Critic in 2018 about being "bumped" Some common reasons are the ship booked by a charter (but usually in those cases you find out months in advance, not day if), redeployments of ships, or cancelled sailings for various reasons. And yes, over booked. They had one story in which a lady received a call or email 2 days before she was to sail that she was being bumped due to the cruise being over sold. There is a link to the thread from 2018 that is a very interesting read. She was rightly angry when she wrote her Original Post, and 11 pages of posts later she was on the ship (This was with Azamara Cruises). Originally they were not offering her any compensation for what they put her through, later she stated she received $250 OBC, and later the CEO of Azamara wrote that she would receive a full refund, as well as the OBC. There were some comments that apparently Royal Caribbean/Celebrity have done this a couple of times. However, at this time I don't think Viking would just bump someone against their will. To ensure they would have cabins on the Iberian Explorer the move over offer was: We were going on an 8 day cruise in a deluxe Veranda We are now going on a 15 day cruise in a Penthouse Veranda We got nearly 50% of our cruise fare back We already had Viking Air, they took care of rebooking We kept our 2 day pre cruise extension in Madrid. But read the Cruise Critic story in full, and read the thread about the person that was almost bumped from an Azamara cruise. After that you will have some facts from experts, and not just opinions from people it's never happened to, and you can make an informed decision then.
  7. They keep making the offers better and better until someone takes them. I've had many a GTY cabin and have never been denied boarding, and I have received 3 move over offers; 2 from Princess (I turned them down) and one Viking (accepted, as it was very good). I have never heard of anyone getting to the pier and there was no cabin because the cruise was oversold. I have read of some mindblowing move over offers though. The cruise lines will accept some heavy losses to avoid the PR disaster of a customer standing forlornly on the pier, their luggage around then, and the ship sailing off without them because they were bumped. If it ever happened, all the boards on Cruise Critic would light up and no one would ever booked a GYT cabin again. Guarantee means exactly that. You are guaranteed a cabin of at least a certain category.
  8. You will NOT be denied boarding. There will be a cabin for you, but you may not know the cabin number until you board. They and all the other cruise lines have models that, for the most part, accurately predict how many cruisers will cancel before the sail date. If the model is wrong, and it's getting close to the sail date, they will offer Move Over Offers to booked passengers. It's voluntary, but people do take them because they can be very good. We were supposed to go on the Iberian Explorer this past January. In December, we got an email telling us that the cruise was overbooked (we had booked a year in advance, and had our cabin), and asked if we would consider their move over offer. The offer was very good and we accepted it. Someone that had booked a GYT cabin got ours, and we sail in about 72 days.
  9. What cruise will you be on? Shore excursions opened for us last Sunday, and tomorrow we can start making dining reservations. I wasn't selected for this new experience. I'm sure it was frustrating to lose everything in your Wish List. Hopefully you will be able to remember what you selected.
  10. I would base it on how much you use the Cabana, and the type of service you got. My husband booked a lido Cabana for my birthday, and we were really waited on. Our steward brought us breakfast (his insistence, not ours) lunch, and afternoon drinks. Even though we were low maintenance guests, and the only ones renting a Cabana that day (Baltic's cruise sea day) they made me feel very special. We tipped $40 for the one day. I think other people noticed the special treatment we got because on the second sea day all the lido Cabanas were booked. We book the Sanctuary on Princess for cruise duration, which is a similar concept. We usually tip about $15 per day. They don't bring meals to you (Unless you order off the spa menu), but they do bring afternoon tea, bar drinks and water.
  11. There are several people on this cruise that were still waiting for cabin assignments. I know that the cruise lines have computer models that predict how many passengers will cancel before sailing. Usually the models are right, but occasionally they are wrong, hence the move over offers. This particular sailing is only offered once a year, and being a 7-day cruise has a lower price point then most Viking Ocean cruises, which is probably why it was sold out.
  12. So I did go for it. We went from a Deluxe Veranda on the Iberian Explorer (8 days) to a Penthouse Veranda on Trade Routes of the Middle Ages (15 days). We have most of the original ports (Except Vigo, Spain has been substituted by Porto, Portugal). and of course additional ports.
  13. We have an upcoming 7 day Ocean Cruise coming up. It's our first Ocean after several River Cruises. I received an email from Viking that the cruise is overbooked. I know this happens from time to time as I have received move over offers from other companies, and I am not worried about getting to the ship and there is no cabin for me. What I was wondering if this sounded like a typical mover over offer from Viking. They offered to upgrade our cabin from a Deluxe Veranda to a Penthouse Veranda, rebook us on a longer cruise (Gave us 3 options), and a 2k refund in form of a credit back to the credit card. I am seriously considering it, because for the first time we do have some flexibility. In the past I have always turned them done because of scheduling. Any thought?
  14. You can opt out of the Castle Tour. Sign up to go with the Leisure Group, which skips the castle. Tell the tour guide that you are going independent, but make sure you know the time and place of the meeting and go off on your own. That's what we did.
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