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  1. Let's hope they have a ship renaming ceremony to appease the Lords of the Deep: https://www.caribbean-pirates.com/naming_and_denaming_a_ship.php
  2. Both equally offensive to American taste. Don't forget a side helping of haggis.
  3. I am just wondering on what basis you are saying the ship is too big to go to the Garonne River port, besides your well known bias against the new HAL ships. The Crystal Symphony docks there and has a draft of 24 feet, while the new Rotterdam has a draft of 25 feet. The new Rotterdam also has azipods which you would think would make it very maneuverable. Is there a bridge that the ship would have to go under? Just wondering.
  4. There's no reasoning with the old-timers about this. They have their minds made up that they do not like the Pinnacle class because it's not exactly what they are used to with the HAL of yesteryear. That's OK, more room for DW and I on our future Pinnacle class cruises.
  5. You should check your facts before posting some of this incorrect information. For example, the Pinnacle class ships have very nice movie screens by the main pool under the Magrodome. Every day at 4 P.M. on the Koningsdam they would show a lovely nature series to enjoy during Happy Hour. The Pinnacle class hold 2600 passengers. This is far from massive passenger capacity, Comparatively the S-class vessels of Celebrity hold from 3100 to 3500 passengers and range in the 122,000 to 130,000 GRT range. RCL Oasis class hold over 6200 passengers which to most people is way too big. There i
  6. I think this is funny. Many of the old timers swore they would never get on a Pinnacle class ship because they don't have a full wrap around promenade or because they are too gigantic or too humongous for them. Now, change the name to something which is historical to HAL and they're all willing to jump onboard. I'm just wondering how the people in Holland associated with Ryndam are feeling about all of this. Me - I like the Pinnacle class ships and think they are a step forward for HAL which gives them something to compete with the other comparable lines.
  7. Ship performers doing "If I were not upon the sea".
  8. Serving our favorite server Charlene. Two cruises later we saw her again and she remembered us.
  9. The Viking Crown Lounge on the Nordic Prince 1990. It was very hard for a woman to keep her modesty going up these outside stairs while the ship was moving. Good times.
  10. Well said Mom, do not be censured, post as you wish.
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