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  1. I just got off the Star Princess to Alaska and for a small Hot Chocolate it was $1.50 and for large was $3.00. Pro Tip: Ask them to add chocolate drizzle to your hot chocolate. We were in a full suite so we had Club Class breakfast at Sabatini's every morning and they made the BEST hot chocolate on the ship! The only difference was they added more chocolate. It was divine!
  2. Thanks everyone! We tipped him $100 cash. He was excellent and always had a great attitude and fast to to help. We also filled out a comment card. We were on a 7 day cruise to Alaska in a full suite.
  3. We just got back from our Alaska cruise and we saw baby orcas! There were about 10 - 15 of them that popped up next to our ship! It was AMAZING and one of those moments that you can't grab your camera fast enough and just have to live in the moment. My jaw definitely dropped!
  4. What is the appropriate amount to tip our room steward in a full suite that has delivered excellent service?
  5. Hi all, will Princess confiscate power strips? Do they allow any on board? My mom and I set sail to Alaska on the Star Princess in less than 2 weeks! Side note: this is our first Princess cruise!
  6. We're going on an Alaska cruise next month and we dock in Victoria on a Saturday from 7pm - midnight. What should we do? Is it worth it to go to the gardens that late? We had an excursion for a high tea, but the time was at 10pm which is too late in our opinion. Need help and any advice! Thanks 🙂
  7. Hi all! We're sailing on the Star Princess in a suite and were told that we have complimentary access to the Lotus Spa Thermal Suite. Is this just a place to relax or is there more?
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