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  1. I would suggest Umbrellas as it is further from the crowds of cruise folk. There is usually a guy renting loungers right out front of Umbrellas. Another option is to ask to go to BBC Beach and depending on the day (monday is often closed) Le Plywood does amazing food and the beach is super quiet until the Rum Runner booze cruise from the cruise ship arrives. Its usually on there an hour though so shouldn't be too bad. Hope you have a wonderful visit.
  2. Usually prices are in ec$ but check before you buy just to be 100% sure. Water taxi is US$5 per person each way.
  3. Depends on who you go with as some tours are 4hrs with 2 snorkels. Seafaris do a 2.5hr tour. Either way it should easily be possible to do a morning snorkel and then an island tour with one of the taxi association guys or another operator.
  4. Beach πŸ™‚ The port one was always ok.
  5. Agree with everything Port Royal has said πŸ™‚
  6. Did you venture further south on the beach. There is somewhat of a grouping mentality so if you stay where the water taxi drops you it will get super crowded especially if you come on a day when three ships are in. Walk 10 minutes max south and there is noone else around you
  7. The dock has been rebuilt and is working πŸ™‚
  8. depending on traffic about 15-20 minutes. ec2.50 one way per person. I cant imagine they would say no to accepting US$
  9. IslandStar


    best snorkeling is in the Marine Protected Area in Moliniere Bay where the Underwater Sculptures are also located.
  10. You are most welcome. I actually thought about a nice little walking tour. through the tunnel and right for a view of our Carenage. Then back up road to the choc museum and well earned coffee πŸ™‚ afterwards walk up hill 50 feet and on your right is Lilo's Batik shop (lovely stuff in there), another 50 feet up and on your right is Maria's glass jewellery store and coffee house. Then its an easy hill to the fort for a wander about and some great views and then back down the stairs to your ship
  11. you could but definitely not worth it as will take you longer in traffic in our one way system to bring you to the museum. The tunnel is only 350ft long - you'll be fineπŸ™‚
  12. Depends where your interests lie really. If you want to see the spices I would recommend one of the land tours you can get with the taxi association guys that you will see in yellow jackets as you walk into the terminal shopping area. If you are interested in sightseeing from a different perspective I would say the Grenada Seafaris Powerboat Adventure team do a great mix of sightseeing, loads of information and a great guided snorkel on the underwater sculpture park that they have helped to install all from a fast but fun powerboat
  13. I am terrible at distances but thought this aerial shot may help as you can see size of ship and distance to red roofed cruise ship terminal. Taxi Association drivers that offer tours are just inside and the buses are just on the outside. Hope this helps. [ignore the red circle that is just to highlight the water taxi dock for another post I did]
  14. If you are in on a Monday check ahead as it may be closed. All other days it is open and food and beach are wonderful. YOu'll need a taxi there and back
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