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  1. This sounds encouraging! Thanks...there is only one sea day unless we cant tender to GSC. The Circus Show sounds like lots of fun.
  2. No 5 day cruises available during the week we are looking at out of NOLA. That would have been fun though:-)
  3. We are looking to book a 5 day Bahama cruise on the NCL Sun. It stops at GSC. We have 11 and 7 year old grandkids who went with us a yr ago on Carnival. and had the best time. Is the Sun a ship that you would recommend for children? They no longer include the all inclusive drinks, its a perk like all the other NCL ships. Is there a kids club onboard the Sun? Thanks for any past experience on this ship.
  4. Is 9336 the same configuration just a deck higher? Thanks!
  5. I am looking for advice from folks concerning luau and timing for OLL. We are in port one day and back on board will be 10:30 pm. Docked at Kahului on Carnival Cruise ship. The luau is said to end at 8:45pm. Will there be Uber/Lyft readily available? Is is a mass of folks getting transportation at the end of the luau? Any other transportation ideas besides Uber/Lyft? I am thinking the highway from OLL to cruise port is just 2 lanes and not wanting to be stressed concerning return trip back to port. I thank you in advance for any suggestions.
  6. I am looking for information as to whether AARP Rewards For Good will continue to sell Carnival gift cards when they change their Rewards program? I haven't been able to find this information on the AARP site. Thanks in advance for any insight into this.
  7. Thanks so much for toll road information, I had no idea you could actually pay cash on those roads. We will look for what looks to be an exit and pay. Are there any beachy type areas or restrurants up on our way towards MCO. Thinking we should head up towards that way if there was somewhere to enjoy on the way.
  8. Thanks for the response. Which car rental is the easiest to get to when getting off the ship? Also are there toll roads on the route to MCO? Thanks so much
  9. Looking for suggestions for 4:00 pm flight out of MCO following cruise in January. Is it worth our time to rent a car and drop at MCO? We are booked with Cotrans MCO hotel to Port Canaveral day of cruise. Thanks so much
  10. Thanks so much! I just emailed through the website. It looks like just what we want. Did you choose your stops or did he suggest them? We have toured with Ken & Marylou 5 yrs ago. Am crazy for the turtles!
  11. Who did you book the "hippie dude"😂 through. Your itinerary in Hilo sounds great!
  12. Thanks for input, I think we will book through cruiseline. No need for added stress about getting back to ship on time for sure!
  13. If OLL ends at 8:45pm is it hectic leaving and finding an Uber at that time? All aboard would be 10:30 on Carnival
  14. Is the airport the best location to get car rental from when getting off the cruise ship for the day? Thanks
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