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  1. Thanks so much. We are mostly ship tours, so will just do what we are told, but in Beijing, we are doing a private tour and I am trying to give our guide some idea as to the time we will get off the ship. I suspect everyone on board will be taking tours that set off early that day, so every little helps!!
  2. I’m really enjoying your trip report and the photo’s. We join The Jewel on 16 April for the Shanghai to Tokyo segment. Also booked an Aft Penthouse, so photo’s very helpful. I have one question please. Priority disembarkation - do the ship organised tours disembark before Suite guests?
  3. Gemlea

    Marco Polo 2017

    This will be our 2nd cruise on the Marco Polo. We booked a late 'Outside Guarantee' on our last cruise and were upgraded to a superior twin on Deck 7 Cabin 716 (Columbus Deck). We liked it. It had 2 big windows, with obstructed views through the lifeboats. 716 and 723 are placed inbetween lifeboats, so view is a bit better. People can walk along the deck outside the windows, but nobody can see in - we tested it !!!! As this was the first time we had been in a cabin other than a Balcony Cabin, we were pleased with the close proximity to outside space and the odd wooden Deck Chair. However, for the Canadian cruise, we have booked one of the DeLuxe Outside cabins for this cruise - based solely on the fact that 28 nights is a long time. Downside, is that these cabins are expensive, and not something we can afford on every cruise. For this reason, we will be listening to the views of fellow cruisers as to their accommodation and if we find out anything which may help you and us, we will post back here.
  4. Gemlea

    CMV Marco Polo

    We were on the Marco Polo last October and had a large amount of luggage - various sizes - ( I won't bore you with the reasons :o !!). The medium size expandable types went under the beds snugly, with smaller luggage stored inside them. Our cabin attendant kindly took our two large cases and put them in storage for us until it was time to pack at the end of the cruise. I am sure they will do similar for you if there is a problem. Happy Cruising.
  5. Gemlea

    Marco Polo 2017

    2 MO - We are on the Canadian cruise too, but sail on 1st Sep from Liverpool. This will be our 2nd cruise with CMV - both on Marco Polo. Last cruise on her was to Iceland last October when we experienced rough seas on our return journey. Despite her age, the Marco Polo coped well in the heavy swells. Her interior is a bit tired, but this ship has a heart which many people seem to recognise by the number of returning passengers. We have experienced pretty much all levels of cruising over the last 10 years, and in our opinion there is no bad cruise - just too high an expectation from some passengers. This ship is 52 years old, and small compared to most. There will be many areas that don't live up to the glitz and glamour of newer ships, but we found the Marco Polo to be extremely friendly with comfy lounges and areas just to sit and while away the time. On our Iceland cruise, the entertainment team were hard working and gave some of the best performances & shows we have ever seen on a cruise ship. All in all, we can't wait to sail on her again, and are looking forward to another adventure. See you on board.
  6. Gemlea

    Excursions sold out on day 1

    If the excursion section on your website does not indicate that you are "Wait Listed" for the tours that are currently sold out, ask your TA to ring Regent direct and ensure you are put on their wait list. Let your TA know how important some of the excursions are to you, and then both of you should continue to check the status going forward. In my experience, once there are enough people to fill an extra "bus", Regent will open the tour again - always providing that there are sufficient buses in the port you are visiting !! You may have to accept that some tours are very limited due to local availability - always find yourselves a fall-back 'Plan B' which on Regent is pretty much just as awesome. Enjoy.
  7. Gemlea

    Alaskan Cruise

    We visited Alaska in mid May and had superb weather, pretty much the whole cruise. Scenery was much more interesting with significant amounts of snow still around. Bears were only just beginning to wake up, no salmon runs at all, and whilst we saw whales, I'm not sure that May is the best month for seeing them. Just be aware that if you decide on a land tour in Denali before your cruise, we were led to believe that it is not totally open until late in May, early June. If there is an option to do the land tour at the end of a late May cruise, then that would be my choice again, as the scenery was stunning at that time of year.
  8. Gemlea

    Island Princess - Anytime Dining

    Thanks, thats very helpful.:)
  9. I have read a lot of posts regarding long queues for the MDR (Anytime Dining) on the Island Princess since its increase in passenger numbers. Can anyone please advise me on how difficult it is to plan ahead to see shows and also enjoy a timely served Dinner? Are there two main shows per night in the Theatre to give us a fallback position? Any suggestions would be appreciated, thanks.
  10. Gemlea

    Confused / Disappointed

    Unfortunately, the Regent UK website appears to have had some problems in relation to booking excursions. We found that speaking direct to Regent was the best way to sort matters out, and I would suggest you do this before you get onboard. They are very helpful in the UK Office and were able to add us to a wait list for an excursion which we were unable to do online, e-mailing them at SpecialServices@rss.com with your 'wish list' may also help. Good luck and I am sure you will enjoy your Regent experience.
  11. Gemlea

    OBC and wine package/excursiions etc

    OK, I hear what you are saying. Our 'expensive' :eek:excursions will more than take up the whole of the OBC, so we will pre-pay everything but the excursions, and start the cruise in the red with the excess. I was just worried that Princess may require us to pre-pay excursions in order to guarantee we get the trips we wanted. If they don't require payment until onboard, and we are guaranteed our trips, then I am happy !! On a previous Regent cruise, we had to pay for a couple of 'premium' excursions up front, and they would not take OBC as payment until you were onboard!! So you have to cancel the trip once onboard, request a refund to your CC and then re-booked the trip with OBC !! What a palava !!! Actually, in the end we didn't cancel because the tour was full and we would have gone to the back of the queue and wait listed with no guarantee of them being able to provide the tour. Thanks again for all the help and advice.
  12. Gemlea

    OBC and wine package/excursiions etc

    Thanks everyone for the helpful replies. We will probably pre-pay the AIBP, and leave the OBC to be eaten up by the cost of excursions. Thanks once again.
  13. We have quite a large amount of onboard credit for our forthcoming Panama Canal cruise. As we have already pre-booked the premium drinks package (including wine etc) and a whole host of excursions - not yet paid for them though - is it possible to offset these charges against our OBC, and if so, how does it work? I prefer to pre-pay most things (already done the Gratuities) before we embark, but will hold back on the drinks package until we get on the ship if OBC can be used. Any suggestions would be appreciated.
  14. Can I just add my own thanks to the 'live' bloggers onboard. We are due to join Mariner for the Cape Town to Cape Town voyage on 24 November and everyone's descriptions of life onboard have wetted the appetite immensley. I previously read Mr Rumour's 'live' blog from Navigator in Alaska, May 2013 which we should have been on, but unfortunately had to cancel at the last minute. Reading your daily blog during that cruise kept our spirits up and interest alive. We finally made it to Alaska last year doing the same SF to Vancouver itinerary and are now looking excitedly towards our next Regent adventure in South Africa. Enjoy the remainder of your cruise Mr Rumour and safe journey home to rest of you. Sandra
  15. Gemlea

    Regent lowering their standards??

    Correct, it was the Dinner under the Stars. The wonderful description of that particular evening was quite a pull. OK, it wasn't the sole reason for our booking the cruise, but it played a large part. When I spoke to Regent about its demise, they informed me that it had been an "event" in the past, not an excursion, and their policy now was not to organise "events". The fact that this "event" remained in all the brochures and promotional documentation for quite some time, is just another example of Regent's poor standard of organisation in this particular area. Don't get me started on how many problems I have had with excursions for the Cape Town to Cape Town cruise - the mind just boggles that so many excursions have been lost.:rolleyes: