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  1. No idea where it is, but the mention of the tandem crossing brings back memories. We were on QV when she did that tandem crossing with QE in January 2011, and met up with QM2 in New York. There were some VERY rough days, and the only time I've ever been seasick on a Cunard ship!
  2. I had 2 cruises in the cancellation period, and I received my refund last week - quite prompt in the circumstances. I also chose to cancel a Caribbean cruise booked for December 2021 and received the refund of my deposit at the same time.
  3. Now that the government of Tasmania has sealed its borders through to 1 December 2020 at least, the first QE cruise out of Melbourne (25 November - 1 December) will have to be either cancelled or varied. It includes a stop in Tasmania and clearly can't do that now. I wonder how long we have to wait for the official announcement?
  4. Yes, I have two QE cruises booked - November out of Melbourne, and February out of Sydney. I think it's just a matter of time before they are cancelled.
  5. With this statement from the Australian Prime Minister, what's the betting that Cunard's November 2020 resumption date will now be cancelled altogether? Scott Morrison has declared his “hope” that COVID-19 border restrictions will be eased by Christmas but warned Australians it was unlikely that normal movement without any restrictions will be restored by summer. The prospect could stop thousands of Australians spending Christmas with relatives and loved ones and comes amid concerns that the Queensland border closures, while popular with voters, are not based on clear medical advice. Just months ago, the Prime Minister had hoped the border restrictions would be lifted by July, a hope that now seems abandoned in the wake of the second wave in Victoria.
  6. I hope I don't put anyone off, but I do like to dress a certain way for embarkation - so much so that my wife laughingly refers to me being in my 'shipboarding outfit'.
  7. I agree it's not looking hopeful - because of the general worldwide situation, and also because of the huge increase in outbreaks in Victoria. I'm guessing that even if Cunard doesn't choose to cancel, Australia may well extend its current ban on cruise ships which is due to expire on 17 September.
  8. Cunard has confirmed by email that standard terms and conditions have been amended. For all voyages departing before 31 March 2021, final payment is due 30 days before departure rather than 90 days.
  9. That's interesting Ondine, thanks for that. I have sent an enquiry to Cunard to see if I get the same information.
  10. That's what I'm suspecting too, but it would be so much better if they told us. I don't want to pay in August if they've already decided to cancel.
  11. All any of us can do at the moment is guess. I am booked on the first cruise after QE's scheduled return to service, in November 2020. With the sudden rise in COVID19 cases in Melbourne in the last week, and the return to lockdown there, who knows if the ship will even be able to arrive? Currently, cruise ships are banned from Australia until mid September so any further extensions could mean further cancellations...
  12. I'm slightly confused by the announcement that QE cruises are cancelled to 23 November. I have a cruise booked out of Melbourne on 25 November and that is now the first listed date for QE cruises on their website. I can't understand why the reference to 23 November when there are no cruises listed for that date. Any thoughts? EDIT: I've answered the question myself after reading the Stock Exchange statement. It's sailings up to and including 23 November that are cancelled - so 25 is the first scheduled sailing after the cancellation period.
  13. This voyage arrives in Darwin, as you note, on 15 November - from Japan via Singapore. It then continues down the east coast of Australia, commencing the Australia / New Zealand season. I'm booked to depart Melbourne in late November on a voyage that doesn't depart Australian waters. The one thing I'm wondering, with Australian restrictions, is whether passengers from Japan / Singapore will be permitted to be on board when QE arrives in Australia, or whether they will all have to disembark before the ship arrives in Australia (and she sails in without overseas passengers to commence the Australian season). A possibility does anyone think?
  14. Yes, the changing rooms for the gym. It is very pleasant. Probably the nicest sauna I’ve been in - and yes, definitely single sex.
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