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  1. If you booked Early Saver, then you just have to submit an online form to Carnival and wait about 48 hours to hear back from them. I've submitted two so far for my upcomming cruise, and the savings have essentially paid for the tips. I would guess that if you booked through a Travel Agent, you would need to speak to them about getting a price reduction/refund, but as I book through my Personal Vacation Planner at Carnival, not sure how that would work for you.
  2. I would have to give the 24oz Porterhouse two big "thumbs up" from me. It's very large and, considering the size of the meal to begin with, I would recommend getting to dinner with an appetite. I would also highly recommend the Wasabi Potatoes rather than a Baked Potato (you can get a baked potato in the Main Dining Room, I believe) but that is just my personal preference.
  3. When my wife and I cruised on the Carnival Conquest, I brought 7-8 hardback books (mysteries, mostly) which I read while on the cruise. Since they were all Goodwill finds and we had almost no suitcase room left due to souveniers, I asked our Steward to donate them to the library, which he did as I saw them in the "stacks" the next morning when we were disembarking. Also left a bottle of wine which we ended up not drinking, which I believe he was more thankful for, but that's ok too. :cool:
  4. I thought you only got double points when purchasing a cruise or for purchases when on a cruise?
  5. I've eaten at both (Steakhouse on Carnival Conquest & Table on Carnival Ecstasy) and I personally prefer The Steakhouse when I compare it to the old menu (as opposed to the new one I'm seeing). Considering what we received for $30 vs $75 previously, I just don't see a whole lot on the new menu which truly justifies the $40 price difference. Others who have sampled the new menu may know better, though, so do let us know.
  6. Never argue pocket knife functionality with a Rancher, they use it like a Tech uses a laptop. :rolleyes: I'd say he can use it at dinner on the Flat Iron steaks, but I've never gotten a bad one! :D
  7. I would agree and take the OBC rather than the floor upgrade. Now, if it was a difference between an Interior and an Ocean View, I'd had to give it a lot more thought...:D
  8. My basic list of items will include: Penlight/Flashlight for each person Highlighter (for the Fun Times) Pens & Post-It Notes Power Strip/Surge Protector "Over the Bathroom Door" Shoe Organizer 5 Gallon-Size Ziplock Bags Clock (usually use my iPad) We try and keep it as simple as we can. :D
  9. I usually wait until the second day (Sea Day) to purchase my Soda Card, as you: 1. Save a day on the overall purchase, and 2. You don't have to pay for Sales Tax if you're At Sea. I would get drinks from all over, including the wait staff during the performances, and you can simply get soda or fruit juices as well. I definitely recommend asking for a Fruit Punch, as they will mix assorted fruit juices (not canned) for you right there! Some of the bartenders also have special concoctions they make, just ask if they would recommend ordering anything to try.:D I think I once priced out the Drink Card as having to have 4 drinks a day to be profitable, but I usually will do that amount at least, especially if it's a Sea Day and I'm out on a lounger reading, etc.
  10. I'm in total agreement with the other posters, you will not be hungry for anything following the Steakhouse dinner. In fact, you'll probably have a hard time finishing everything that they bring out to you. I can recommend the Lobster Bisque, the Porterhouse and the Chocolate Sampler personally, but my wife can recommend both the Lamb and the Onion Soup as well.
  11. You are correct, they are asking you to carry one your water/soda rather than check it with your luggage with the porters.
  12. Usually on the 5 day cruises, it's the second day or the first full day "At Sea", but someone who has sailed that route would need to confirm.
  13. Remember also that the bottle(s) of wine you bring on initially have to be "regular sized" bottles and not the ones which are double the size of a regular bottle of wine. It was also recommended to me by a fellow traveler when we were re-boarding the ship in Cozumel to keep the receipt of any alcohol purchased (on ship or off ship) and turned over to Carnival for safe-keeping, in case something goes missing on their end. He said it happened to him on a previous cruise, but when he presented the receipt they immediately provided him with a replacement and he was very happy.
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