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  1. You definitely deserve this cruise after all the hard work you put in saving us all!
  2. I’ve had that since January. I’ve had a joint replacements in both hands. Still have a cast on my left hand for two more weeks! Poor husband has done everything for me. He’s getting to be a good cook, hairdresser and washing clothes. Booked it for him for a rest. We’re hoping to go to Hard Rock Hotel Tenerife in August, although it’s a/I there are 10 members of the family. Kids are 15,10,9,3 and of course grandad has to play in pool with them. So no rest then!
  3. I would say you’re still on 7th sailing. Get yourself checked in! Enjoy..
  4. Have you heard back yet? They’ve kept me on the same (15th) sailing. I had changed hotel night before so changed it back. Lucky I’d not changed insurance or car parking!
  5. We were booked on 5 nights 15th July and 20th July. They’ve asked us to change the 15th. We’ve requested the 25th for seven nights. They won’t confirm until 30th June. They say they’ll only do same category cabin. I’m hoping the same cabin will be allocated or at least same area. Extra 2 nights for same price.
  6. I did confirm with Celebrity that this applied to my booking. I took a photo in case it was changed at a later date! Hope it helps.
  7. I contacted them and they do let you use the pool for $10 per adult and $5 per child. No booking is necessary. I ask if they knew the taxi fare but they didn’t. Thank you for the information.
  8. Thank you, I will contact them.
  9. We’re going to Tortola next August. Whilst the rest of the family are doing The Baths we thought we’d take the two year old to a nice hotel pool. Has anyone been to a day use hotel?
  10. Think after finding more out from Celebrity here we’ll just hire a minibus and drive to a hotel for the day. The thing that swung it for us is the 2year old can have a nap whilst the others can swim. We don’t go until August next year so it’ll be interesting if anyone who does it outs on a review.
  11. Sorry I misled you there. I’ve done the day use before. I meant I’m trying to decide as I haven’t done the ship stay.
  12. It says you keep your cabin until 9am. yes you have to go through immigration and collect your luggage but they will keep it for you until it’s time to disembark, you have to do this even if you weren’t staying on board. Spending my last day of my holiday sat in a hotel room watching a large TV and using a desk doesn’t appeal to us. I was looking for positive and negative reviews from people who have actually used this service, not from people “who wouldn’t do it”!!!! I do appreciate the information from those who are helpful.
  13. Thank you. It is on my planner but doesn’t give much information. It does say they can arrange transfers but I thought it would be cheaper to arrange our own.As usual cruise critic supplies it.
  14. On Equinox next August and have a late flight from Miami. Has anyone stayed on board the ship after it has docked. what time did you disembark? Did they arrange transport to Miami? And did it include classic drinks package? Do you go through customs when you get off or do you do it earlier with disembarking passengers? Alternatively I could hire a mini bus for 10 and book day use hotel in Miami. trying to decide best option. TIA for any advice.
  15. Happy for you too! We've booked for our two children and their families for next August. Total of 10 from 63 to 2years old. We want to share with them our joy in cruising. We had booked MSC but on our TA sailing Silhouette we booked for Equinox b2b. We know what we’re getting with Celebrity. Plus we’re spending part of their inheritance!! We want to see them enjoying our hard work...
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