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  1. Won a free 5 night cruise on bingo. Paper card. I couldn’t talk any of my family into coming to bingo and they couldn’t believe it. Until then I’m notoriously unlucky at bingo. we let our son play hooky from school and had a great time on our free cruise (that after airfare etc wasn’t totally free but still super cheap).
  2. Thanks for posting this. It confirms we are making the right choice for summer cruise. I’ve never understood why royal couldn’t copy NCL’s model for dining. They have just never gotten it right. And if keeping guests with same table was important to royal, clearly that went out the window now too with MTD. as early dining crept earlier and earlier to 5 we moved to MTD when cruising with our son when 6:15 is a perfect dinner For him. Now that MTD isnt until 6:45 if we are lucky and get no wait, we’re going back to early dining at 5:30. We cruise in June and will see
  3. Any cruises over 7 days already decreases number of kids. In October most kids have school. Anyone with a break only gets a week. So if other kids important an October cruise probably not best. That said we did a Canada cruise on adventure and loved it. But my son who was 11 at time isn’t a huge fan of kids clubs so had fun just going to trivia with me, watching movies from hot tub, etc.
  4. Have your kids ever cruised? If not I wouldn’t worry about ports. My son thinks the ports can be boring (he’s not a beach lover). He would prefer 24/7 ship as long as it’s one of the bigger ones. oasis class is amazing. So much to do. We are doing oasis out of NJ next summer. Not the greatest ports, but the ship is destination for us.
  5. We were told last year 90% of reservations are give out pre-cruise which is why it is so hard to get one on ship. The staff member says it is so frustrating. If they would move early dining back to 6pm instead of 5:30pm we probably would do that. that said, as long as we make pre-cruise reservation we’ve had good MTD experience and if we like our server after night 2 are told we don’t have to check in. Just go sit down.
  6. My son (now 12) has done a few cruises (lucky duck) and always gets a mix of adult and child. His fave is a shrimp cocktail every night. I’d say the cruise last year he got steak most nights from adult menu. We we went on a big family trip and mixed up the tables and it worked great. Was fun to catch up with different folks. We all did our own thing during the day and caught up over dinner though of course we ran into each other during day. we do not do solarium with my son. Not his food. You could have kids do windjammer that night and kids club or just a coupl
  7. We are frugal so my son would be on the couch in our room. Allows to go on more trips.
  8. We are thinking of trying our first carnival cruise. We Usually do royal, but we’ve also enjoyed norweigen and Disney. We are wondering what you do in evenings with tweens? On royal we enjoy watching the shows, whether variety or ice show etc. I couldn’t find any recent fun times. Will we be bored after dinner? Are there movies by the pool every night?
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