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  1. shof515

    Ala Carte pricing in the Steak House

    one entree, unlimited sides and appetizers
  2. shof515

    Cruise inside cabin but eat in the Haven?

    52 minute video?..really?..wow..seems way tooo long. how do people watch this?
  3. shof515

    BOOKING question

    i agree with this. while it is a true you can book with a travel agent (cruise critic rules prevent naming them) to get onboard credits and other perks, i find a better value to me is booking direct with the cruise lines to prevent any issues when you book with a travel agent, they own your booking and have full control over it. Any payments issues, need to be done through them, ,any questions will needed to be contacted to them first, etc.
  4. shof515

    what ships have retractable roofs?

    wow..10 year thread...
  5. shof515

    bliss vs joy alaska

    same menu
  6. If you booked with an early saver rate, that change fee is NORMAL. If you read the early saver rate code fine print, it says this:
  7. i wont be surprised to see sardines on the menu in the MDR..Maybe should give carnival some ideas?
  8. January 2019 is when that information will be released and bookings will be open
  9. shof515

    shore excursions

    what ports?
  10. during the booking process, the norwegian over estimates the port taxes/fees. As the cruise gets closer or until the ship is docked at the port, the port taxes might decrease to an actual amount. that difference is then refunded to you
  11. shof515

    Dancing of the Ships

    John said it should be bookable by the end of today or tomorrow. The two NY cruises on May 16 and May 22 is not listed
  12. shof515

    Dancing of the Ships

    Here is the annoycment:
  13. shof515

    Is NCL getting rid of Sun and Sky?

    Should be later this month. In the past, i noticed the Fall itinerary is usually posted with a press released around December 15 or so
  14. shof515

    Cruise critic boards issue?

    This is a know issue for about a week now, at least it is for me. I have used multiple computer, multiple devices (phone, tablet) and they all do the same
  15. shof515

    Speciality dining package question

    Yes you can. Onboard pricing is 10 dollars more then the online in advance pricing