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  1. shof515

    Does Carnival have excursion sales?

    yes, you missed it. Usually during black Friday, there are various promo codes for some % off of tours
  2. shof515

    Midnight Buffet

    The late night snacks buffet on the lido is different then the midnight buffet that is offer on the journey cruises. The journey cruises midnight buffet is usually in one of the dinning room with very nice displays and is on the throwback sea day
  3. shof515

    Carnival Hub App

    there is no free ceullar service at sea onboard the ship, you cell phones will not work unless you pay expesnive roaming charges the HUB app messaging feature uses the ship WIFI network for internal communications
  4. It will show up. carnival is having lots of issues with their website that is causing a ton of other cruises to randomly disappear
  5. shof515

    May 21, 2020 out of Charleston NO LONGER showing up

    It is a website glitch. the past few weeks the website been a bit drunk
  6. shof515

    Escape Boarding

    there is a cvs on the corner of 54st and 10 ave and a rite aid on the corner of 50st and 8 ave..it a long walk from the terminal building.
  7. shof515

    Carnival Pride - Artwork was removed/covered

    this..this is why there was a big movement to remove the Christoper Columbus statue in NYC
  8. I am doing a 10 day Journey cruise in June which is around the time summer begins
  9. I make dinning reservations for 6pm and reservations for shows that is at 9pm or later
  10. shof515

    NCL $1,000 more expensive than Celebrity?

    I also noticed something similar with the Canada/New England cruises in September 2020. For the same price Norwegian wants to sail on the Breakaway, i can use the same money jumping ship to Princess to sail on the Sky Princess that goes to more ports
  11. shof515

    Nassau; getting from ship to city

    on the pier, there is a shuttle bus that takes you from the ship to the terminal building. it is crowded and can be unreliable at times. once you are outside the terminal building area, you are pretty much in the city
  12. shof515

    late departure boarding times Brooklyn

    Brooklyn Cruise Terminal is a seasonal terminal used by Cunard and Princess
  13. shof515

    late departure boarding times Brooklyn

    NCL is doing 4 cruises out of the Brooklyn terminal due to overcrowding at the main Manhattan terminal Norwegian Jade April 18 2019 Norwegian Jade April 28 2019 Norwegian Star April 09 2020 Norweigan Star April 19 2020
  14. shof515

    Carnival Hub App Feb 2019 update

    My tablet is stuck in android 5. samsung has no updates.There is really nothing wrong with the tablet itself and most of all my apps work fine.i hate this stupid planned obsolescence BS in our mobile devices. Hopefully, the older app that currently works on my tablet is compatible with the sunrise in june