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  1. Source; https://www.cruiseindustrynews.com/cruise-news/24384-norwegian-cruise-line-holdings-cancels-all-may-sailings.html This also effects other NCL brands like Regent and Oceania
  2. Its mostly on the new build they are using this tech on. I doubt they will retrofit this system to the older ships. I think it is easier to put it on a new ship then an old
  3. No on Carnival yet. I seen this tech on other cruise ships. The new NCL ships like the Encore and Bliss has it. i seen a few videos on youtube that MSC also has a ship with similar tech
  4. For the past few months NCL been working on getting crew members ready for cruises. now they have been various articles posted that they are now going to sending those crew members home again. it looks cruising will now be delayed again. i expect other cruise lines have similar issues
  5. i have no issues going on a cruise with alll of these changes
  6. Here is notice they are putting on the social media websites:
  7. Royal Caribbean had a video with using the QR code to bring up the menu. For years the hub and sometimes the tv in your stateroom had the menu too. On a few cruises i noticed the hub/tv menu can be different with the actual menu in the dinning room. that happen to me a few times
  8. what the source of this? cdc website still list the conditional no sail order that they released back in October? https://www.cdc.gov/quarantine/cruise/index.html
  9. its not really 30% off. they raised the prices by 30% and then reduce it by 30% giving you the illusion it is a cruise deal
  10. this was bound to happen. Norwegian and other cruise lines canceled all of April 2021 sailings a few days. Carnival is now following
  11. I am booked on the Breakaway for October 2021 and i get the same thing. I am also booked on the Joy for October 2022 and i do not get it
  12. minimum is 2 formal days. sometimes a 3rd depending on the cruise director i did 2 journey cruises, one had 3 formal nights and the other only had 2
  13. rules is different based on who canceled if you cancelled, it is non refundable and is subject to any cancellation fees or penalty if carnival canceled, it is fully refundable and there is no fee or penalty
  14. this is going to be the new normal for the future. everything will be more expensive due to all of the money the cruise lines is losing not sailing for over 1 year and longer
  15. wow..that's a little over of one full year of cruise shutdown. With the new mutation coming up in various country's and state, it looks like cruising will be shutdown until late fall or later
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