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  1. I've been sailing out of NYC for over 10 years and while it has good and bad moments. i think the issue with terminal from what i noticed, they dont use ALL of the space in the terminal. from what i noticed, they mostly use the middle portion and front of the terminal. there is alot of space towards the back of the terminal that could be used
  2. maybe the OP is confused with the gratuities charge that all cruise lines have
  3. Bermuda has officials at the terminal helping with travel authorization papers for those that did not complete or had issues with uploading the documents
  4. mostly an issue with people not showing up at the terminal prepared cause a delay with boarding.
  5. Also alot of unprepared people did not show paperwork for the PCR test that you needed to take a few days prior to sail date as part of the Bermuda Requirements
  6. When the Breakaway arrived last week, it did not had to do the quarantine. the ship arrived from overseas on September 19 and is just now starting her first cruise sailing out of New York
  7. does the report you get meet the Bermuda requirements like address of lab, lab phone number, etc, etc
  8. last year i booked an latitude insider offer and there is no LATDBLX promo code. the only code i see on my paperwork is LATITDUE,LATREW and LATVIP15. hopefully i get double when my cruise is over
  9. Has anyone found a place that will meet the Bermuda requirements and is somewhat reasonable priced? I have a few places in mind for my cruise at the end of October but I am not sure they will meet the report requirements
  10. wow i wonder where she is going. maybe to the anchor point near the harbor or maybe some kind of 4-5 day test/simulated cruise
  11. how does the boat get there and where does the crew sleep on the boat. it gotta be miserable if the crew had to sleep on the floor
  12. For years NCL had their own private ferry service from the dockyard to St George, so providing transportation should be no problem
  13. it could also be Eurofins again. They are also doing the test for the new york cruises
  14. usually from my experience over the years, the decrease in port taxes/fees always show up as onboard credit once you are onboard the ship
  15. most likely for crew and supplies
  16. On Friday, Crystal is doing their New York to Bermuda cruises similar to Norwegian . It might be a good idea to look at the crystal forums for any possible changes. with no bus service, no/very limited ferry service, most events is canceled, business still might be closed. i wonder what is there to do in Bermuda if the ship docks for a few days. Also wondering if Norwegian is still running their own ferry service too
  17. Considering the Bahamas is a level 4 destination and there is still cruises going there, i think these 6 Bermuda sailings on the breakaway is safe and the ship is sailing. the only thing that will prevent these cruises from going is if the Bermuda government says no
  18. Breakaway meets the Scarlet lady for the first time Today is a great day for the NYC area with 3 ships in port just like old times (NCL, Virgin Voyages and Royal across the river)
  19. She is only doing 6 cruises in new york then she leaves again :(. she wont be back until august 2022
  20. what happens if you live local? do you still have to quarantine at their hotel or can you travel home? i am only about 1 hour away from the terminal
  21. A lot can happen between now and next week when the Breakaway sails to Bermuda. hopefully by the ship does sail there, this covid wave will be on the decrease
  22. on the application it requires Contact number while in Bermuda . what phone number do i put? my cell phone will not work in bermuda. should i put the ship emergency contact number?
  23. Here is a list of some of the sailings: https://www.sixthman.net/festivals/
  24. that is not needed for cruises that leave out of the US. The Bahamas visa is only needed for cruises that start and end in the Bahamas https://www.cruiseindustrynews.com/cruise-news/25620-bahamas-updates-testing-rules-for-vaccinated-cruise-guests.html
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