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  1. I just got an email from Princess. The April TA from Fort Lauderdale to Barcelona is cancelled. 😢😢
  2. Good to hear. I am nervous that they will keep the Enchanted Princess in Europe and our cruise will also be cancelled. So I hope we get a chance to meet!
  3. I am also booked on the 4/3 Enchanted Princess cruise. I haven’t gotten any notice it is cancelled. How did you learn it is cancelled? Thank you.
  4. Yes I did. Cancelled on 4/23 for an August cruise. Still waiting for my deposit back. I have never cruised Crystal and have decided to never book again with them. Sad. Oops! I just realized you were asking someone the question and it wasn’t meant for me to reply. Sorry about that!
  5. Yikes. Hope I get it back! I did file a claim with my credit card company. This info helped me make my decision........not booking it. Will look at other world cruises on other cruise lines. Thank you!
  6. I really want to book this cruise. It goes to so many places on my bucket list! I will be solo if anyone else is considering this sailing! All that being said I am concerned about giving Crystal a substantial deposit in November. I cancelled an August cruise in April and still don’t have my deposit back. I would love thoughts and perspectives on my concern. Thanks!
  7. I cancelled my cruise on 4/23 and am still waiting on my refund. I tried to dispute it with my credit card but the original deposit was made in June 2019 so Citibank is telling me I can’t dispute it because too much time has passed. I have called Crystal many times and they keep saying they are working on it. I want my money back. Plus they kept the $100 admin fee. Not happy.
  8. Totally agree. I am not sure why Princess didn’t do everything possible to test that single crew member on Friday.
  9. I was supposed to be on the 3/7 sailing of the Royal Princess. As I reflect on what happened there is one thing I wish Princess had done differently..... On Friday they were aware of the confirmed coronavirus cases on the Grand. The CDC then discovered that a crew member from the Grand had been transferred to the Royal. Princess told them they had been onboard for over two weeks with no sign of illness. So the CDC released the ship to sail on Saturday. If I were Jan Swartz I immediately would have figured out a way to test that crew member for the virus even thought the CDC cl
  10. Yikes. This is just my opinion but I would not take my 80+ year-old parents on any cruise right now. I would be very concerned if your dad is not in great health. I wish you could convince your mother to cancel. If they go I hope they are safe. If the crew test positive I guarantee you they will not sail on Saturday.
  11. Yep. I am one of the unfortunate passengers who was supposed to sail yesterday. I agree it didn’t make any sense. Everyone from the previous cruise was gone when we arrived. We were told the crew member had been on the Royal for over two weeks and showed no signs of illness at any point. Who knows what is really happening? What I find strange is that the Regal was able to get their two crewmembers tested today and get the results in the same day. Why didn’t Princess management test this crew member on Friday? Earlier yesterday?
  12. I am a single woman in my 60’s and am considering my first cruise on Crystal. Specifically on the Symphony on 8/8/20. This is the Royal Military Tattoo and Norwegian Fjords cruise. I would love some advice on cabins. Obviously traveling solo is more expensive so I am looking at deluxe window cabins. Some have limited views. I am an extremely light sleeper and am looking for recommendations on both cabin type and location. Thank you!!! Jamie
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