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  1. Happyholidayer

    A poll on the dress code changes

    The changes don't bother me enough to change cruise lines, I'll continue to sail. This one had my vote. I only sailed last November and will again this December. I found it all great value for money. Suits me just fine.
  2. Happyholidayer

    Trans Atlantic Cruise, What Month?

    Did last November storm between 8 and 10 couple days. Several decks closed. Not really an issue expected! It didn't put us off. As :Dwe are travelling again Dec yippee. :D:D:D:D :D
  3. Happyholidayer

    Looking for the nearest indoor attraction

    I think it might be better to find a close hotel with a view. http://www.themostperfectview.com/new-york-hotel-views/ I did a search but it's a bit of a mine field. locating where they are from/distance Red Hook. The Conrad looks the nearest but I do not know the distance or area.
  4. Happyholidayer

    Where does Cunard dock in NY?

  5. Happyholidayer

    Why are United States immigration procedures so cumbersome?

    With New York you have to wait until immigration has search the whole ship. We only waited about an hour but people after disembarkation. Who didn't know not to disembark until the last minute if not visiting New York. Waited up to three hours.
  6. Happyholidayer

    Why are United States immigration procedures so cumbersome?

    I don't know. No other experience.
  7. Happyholidayer

    Shops on board

    Queen Mary 2 shops boring, uninteresting and cheaper on the high st. I use Clarins and it's a complete rip off. I had a lot of on board credit to spend and was looking forward to spending it in the shops. How wrong I was. I had great difficulty. I met several others like me just brought things for the sake of it. Some people didn't use all the credit which is criminal. To use up the credit. I will be asking friends and family if there is anything particular. I don,t drink tea, coffee or alcohol. We did try the spa which was a disappointment because of the terrible humming noise. Relaxing no!
  8. Happyholidayer

    Roundtrip Crossings

    Did our first transatlantic Queen Mary 2 last November. Only been on Brilliance of the sea some years ago. Although its a crossing it was very much a cruise for us. When you have a wheelchair uses this is a excellent ship. Spacious elegant welcoming. Plenty of deck space without annoying other travellers. Wined and dine on tap room service entertainment. My husband loves the sea and it's here in ocean loads. Perfect! So much so we have booked for longer December to the Caribbean.
  9. Happyholidayer

    Why are United States immigration procedures so cumbersome?

    Immigration process for people in wheelchairs is annoying. Everyone has to get off unless in the sick bay or confined to cabin. If you don't wont to visit New York you still have to get off. We had to wait right up until leaving the ship with last passengers. If we left before we would have to sit for hours waiting to return to the ship. We were told it's better and more comfortable to sit on the ship Right up until the last minute. There must be a better way. We will have to do this process twice at Christmas.
  10. Happyholidayer

    Looking for the nearest indoor attraction

    Thanks for your replies Sorry, I'm only asking about New York as I know the limitations/procedures on the over ports. I would have like to visit the Botanical gardens but will be too cold. We may just take a round trip of the Red Hook ferry and takes some pics. Do you know if there are any nearby hotels/restaurants with some good views.
  11. Will be on the December M847B. Last time Cunard were quite useless in helping me. It's very cold and my husband needs assistance with his wheelchair. So we only want to travel a short distance. Get in and out as quickly as possible. So looking for somewhere to visit for a couple of hours. It was such a hassle last time we did not bother. I can't rely on Cunard so I must do it. We would have looked at the Intrepid museum but it's quite far and I think will be too cold. Most of it being outside. Sorry Queen Mary 2
  12. Hi I would like help with the location of a experienced company. That provide accessible transport with a driver. We will be docking in New York in December on the Queens Mary 2. The transport provided by the ship. Is not adequate for the powered wheelchair. We would just like to have a drive by/around the usual tourist spots. Take some pics. Although, we know it will be more busy than ever. Given the time of year. On our last trip we missed out as the ship was so unorganised. We can just visit what is possible on the day. Any suggestions please.
  13. Happyholidayer

    Changing Staterooms

    I needed to change cabins and it took three attempts to get my luggage moved. I asked my cabin steward and she was insistent that the steward of the new cabin would be informed. It never happened and I had to keep requesting it to be moved. In the end a customer service manager did it. In the time it took. I could have done it on my own. I think never assume anything!
  14. When I did the November round trip. I was disappointed I didn't join the choir. The choir sang in the grand lobby and it was quite tremendous. l was very surprised how many people had taken part. Even the on board singers commented how amazing. I will certainly make sure I participate next time.
  15. Happyholidayer

    Outdoor Decks and Rough Weather

    Did the November round trip crossing - force 10 on several days. Some times all decks close other days only some. As already stated check your TV channel and take a look at the ships web cam.