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  1. Hi all wonder if anyone could tell me if we have to check in online when booked a cruise package with flights included? Already printed e-tickets and luggage labels etc. 😊
  2. Crikey I hope you don’t cancel your first ever aft cabin due to not dressing up on 80’s night ! (Unless I’ve got the wrong end of the stick)We are also p&o newbies and probably won’t dress to this theme either although in my opinion the 80’s music is the best so will still have a good dance whatever I’m wearing. Have a great cruise 😊
  3. Oh well will have to try tomorrow then, thank you for the reply. As the cruise is getting nearer I find myself looking at it most days 😊getting a tad excited I think 😆
  4. Evening all, is anyone else having trouble signing in to their cruise personaliser as mine isn’t letting me log in. It keeps saying my booking reference is wrong..... it’s so frustrating as I’m definitely putting the correct number in. 🤔
  5. Crikey not been on here since Friday and it’s turned into quite a topic😊 thank you all for the input it’s been a great help although since it’s a cruise to the Caribbean I thought the dress code might be a little relaxed but I do love seeing everyone smart. I have to admit it is a pain having to get ready every night especially if it’s been a busy day but there is always the buffet and the outside bars if we didn’t fancy getting too dolled up or even eat in our cabin. We have first time cruisers with us so there is a lot of questions but as we have never sailed with p&o we can’t always answer so appreciate all the advice 👍I will just add that I do firmly believe that cruisers should follow dress codes and asking this question makes sure we don’t get it wrong so thank you ☺️
  6. Thank you so much , that’s a great help 😊
  7. Hi just a quick question, we are sailing on Britannia in 10 weeks time 😬 and just wondered if smart shorts and a shirt for men are acceptable wear in the main dining room ,not on a formal night obviously, or is it long trousers only. Thank you 😊
  8. Thank you for the reply, I will let her know ... she will have to leave some of her shoes at home 😊
  9. Can anyone tell me if you can hire a tux on board Britannia? My friend who is coming with us asked and I couldn’t give her an answer as I’ve never cruised with p&o before. Also is it expensive if you can ? She is just thinking suits are heavy and rather than taking one for her husband they might hire instead if possible.
  10. I am loving this topic as I was a little nervous about jumping ship so to speak as we have always stayed “ loyal to royal” , this will be our first p&o experience. After reading this thread I am now excited about it. We are travelling as a group of 17 , some family some friends , some of which have cruised on Britannia before and some who have never cruised before so will have a lot of fresh eyes 😊
  11. Thank you I thought it would be a long shot , I doubt we will all eat together at the same time every night anyway .
  12. Does anyone who has sailed on Britannia know how big the tables are in the main dining room , how many people can you get seated round a table? We will be a group of 12 and was wondering if we would all fit or have to separate 😊
  13. I wonder how long it will take . We are booked on November 2019[emoji848] Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
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