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  1. Bruin Steve- You have always offered great advice on these boards and now is no different! Your attitude is wise. Have an Asian cruise in October that I'm going to try to L&S. Thanks and happy(delayed) travels. Meg
  2. Hi- I'm a CC member, elite+, with 4 Celebrity cruises booked and I did not get this email(double checked my junk). Find that interesting and thank you for posting this info. Meg
  3. Wow- we were in CS 11107 in September and one of biggest complaints was that there was only a single door to the shower which did not keep water in at all. Couldn't use the robe hooks without stuff getting soaked. Anyone know if they're all changed now?
  4. Hi- Am back from recent TA on Infinity. Loved their meatballs appetizer and would love to try to make it at home. Has anyone ever gotten a recipe? Thanks, Meg
  5. Ship-Edge Length-10 days Cruise Sail Date 9/20/19 Date email offer 8/12/19 CC tier- husband-Select Me-Eliteplus Only sent to him Booked - via TA Bid -yes Current cabin-CS Bid-yes Cabin Cat- Royal,/Edge Villa Bid offer $1570pp/ $2520pp Notification date 9/18/19 Rejected Cabins went empty rather than moving anyone up- what gives?
  6. No would be my answer. Food on my last 2 cruises(Summit in July and Equinox in February) was as good if not better than our 1st Celebrity cruise 20 years ago. Never cruised on Carnival but have been on Princess and even my kids thought the food was better on Celebrity.
  7. Would never remove tips. However I don't think learning who gets the tips "is missing the point."
  8. I'd say this is a tough one. Was on Equinox in Feb and it was definitely one of the best cruises I've ever been on. We were a "Girl's group" and were pleased to have our 1st & best ever woman butler. Her direct boss & boss's boss were also women and service level higher than ever! Their anticipation of our every need was unsurpassed. Then there was Captain Kate- sorry that she no longer there. Ok- we went on Summit to Bermuda on 7/28- and loved the redo of a nice older ship. Always liked the M class ships, but were in need of the makeover. Not only did the ship look brand new- the food offerings were wonderful. Hope this info is helpful but I would have to flip a coin between 2 great choices. Meg
  9. Wow- gorgeous pictures and great commentary !!! Will be heading to Edinburgh in early October for 5 days between 2 Med cruises oops actually 1 Med and 1 TA). Thanks for posting.
  10. Hi- We were contacted by email on 8/19/19 for our 9/20/19 Edge cruise. However it wound up in my junk folder even though none of the other Celebrity emails are put there. Coincidentally, I just found it yesterday. Meg
  11. Will be on Infinity on 10/11/19 - thanks for posting. Hope music situation is fixed before our 7 sea days.
  12. That’s unbelievable and very disheartening. It’s awfully mean. Still love trivia and when you get a team of strangers whose strengths are all complementary. Have found it funny that on a first trivia game when there’s only 2 or 3 of us, nobody wants to join our team . But when we win that game the same people seek us out next time. So funny.
  13. My family enjoys the trivia games on Celebrity- sometimes we win & lots of times we don't. When we've won, adults have accused us of cheating. Of course we weren't but that hasn't stopped people from stating they are sure we had used phones or cheated in some other way. If eliminating prizes cuts down of poor sportsmanship, I'm for it.
  14. Great review- thanks for posting. We'll be on Edge 9/20 & will have many of the same ports. Made notes based on your input.Thanks again, Meg
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