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  1. Doesn't this same dealership use the Brilliance of the Seas out of Tampa also? They need their own ship called Fuccillo of the Seas. Some of the sleaziest car commercials you will ever see on television or hear on the radio.



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    Hahaha they really are terrible commercials! Lol but... I still bought my recent Optima there and am booked to cruise with huge in December now... how do I pass up a cruise for only port fees and taxes? Sigh



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  2. What is Curacao like my wife is worried that it may not be safe



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    I didn't feel unsafe AT ALL! We ported at an old fort full of shops you walk through and then you head across the floating bridge to the city. All the colorful buildings.... all I did was walk around, shop, and take a ride on the floating bridge as it opened for ships and it's one of my all time favorite ports.



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  3. Hello:


    Looking at Western Med. on Epic for next June. Does anyone have any thoughts on embarking in Rome vs Barcelona? Barcelona offers an extra $100 OBC and extra latitudes points, neither of which would be make or break for us.




    Also- should I be posting this elsewhere?




    Thank you



    I'm doing that itinerary next June too and honestly it came down to which city I wanted to spend more time in.... and that was Rome. So much I want to see there that I had to chose Rome. I'll figure out all the rest and transportation issues later.

  4. Hracing congrats on your wedding!! My very first cruise was a wedding on the Inspiration. It was awesome... so much so that I'm currently booked to get married on the Paradise. The wedding I went too they got married in the main theatre and the reception was in the dance club. I think it really depends on how many weddings they do that day and who has the largest amount of people. You may not get a choice, but it's worth trying



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  5. If you had any clue about cruise weddings, you would know they are very inexpensive. This thread is full of examples of people posting about something they know nothing about.



    Truth! My cruise wedding and reception... 3000 bucks (minus the cruise, which as a cruiser Is do ANYWAY).... other people's weddings range from 10-100k and average around 25k so I'm not really sure why those opinions are even posted here. Its affordable as hell comparatively and I saved a lot of money by doing it this way. Why post if you aren't even reasonably in the know about it??



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  6. Everyone doesn't have to book at the same time, however there is a limited window of time for them to book. You don't put a deposit down though.


    I didn't bother with a group booking because I needed to book my room before the wedding and I'm giving my guests plenty of time to consider it. I didn't want to feel like I had to put any pressure on my guests to book.



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  7. That's a really good idea VASOXFAN.... we already planned on a party (to quench his desire for a pizza party.....sigh) the night before but transportation I did not think about! Thank You!!!!



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  8. Thank you!




    People on here don't seem to realize that YOUR wedding is about YOU, not them. Same goes for your guests. If there are choose not to attend, there will be plenty who choose to take their places.



    Agreed, though I do think you have to treat those who do come well. Some of the responses here were pretty ridiculous. Its definitely a choice nobody MUST pay to go



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  9. We are getting married on the Paradise! We are doing it before we leave the Port of Tampa. We live near the port so we will have sailing and nonsailing guests. We haven't even sent out save the dates yet and already have 6 cabins booked.


    Don't listen to the naysayers but be prepared for declines. The thing about a destination wedding is that you have to be ok even if it's just you and your fiancé. People DO have a choice of whether to go or not, you aren't forcing them.


    Also, as previously mentioned check out the weddings and honeymoons board over in the special interest cruising section



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  10. LOL Crystal, it's ok, I gave serious thought to flying undercover here as my secret identity of Ashley hehe. :)


    I think I have him convinced on the passport invite :) YAY!


    25 days now and I'll be on the Fantasy... Its way far away til my wedding but I don't really see myself doing this again before the wedding, and I highly doubt I'll have a real bachelorette so I'm kinda looking at this as my unofficial fun bachelorette cruise!

  11. 2018 Bride just lurking. MissCoffeecake, where do you get that 90% is booked? If youre looking online, Carnival for instance, will only show you a limited number of cabins in each area to chose from. There is usually more available...Id be more concerned about the actual wedding experience not being available....maybe thats what you mean??


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  12. CruisinBlondie28 that is awesome. I don't think Carnival offers the 'at sea' wedding choice but I def would have considered it! I really didn't want to do a port because I didn't want anyone to miss what the ports had to offer. St. Maarten is one of my all time favorite ports and that itinerary is great. Congrats on already having 31 booked! Side note: My wedding is also on the 28th... of April though. :) lol I read your second post wondering if I missed we were date twins... but it was a no go.


    So its only in discussion mode, but I really really want to change our invites to the passports on Vanessas Destination Wedding Passports site. They are SO AMAZING. My FH is stuck on wanting to do full size message in a bottles. I love the message in a bottle idea (It was mine after all) but the more I think about the more of a pain the ass it sounds like and the mock ups we've done have been kind of "EHHH" PLUS shipping costs to those we don't see every day, and the fact that I'd rather mail then hand deliver..... sigh

    I'm still working on convincing him so I ordered a sample one off etsy... wish me luck!


    ETA: 35 days until my GIRLS WEEKEND BOOZ CRUISE!!!!! yay!!!!

  13. @Jac if I was doing an 11 day cruise I'd probably have already sent them out too already. That definitely takes some extra planning for most people! :) (side note: Maybe it's because I took my name off my signature but it's April though I DO like the name Ashley. I had a girl call me Abbie once for the longest and I never corrected her she was so mad I didn't LOL)



    We are in the same boat we are getting married in June of 2018. Not sure exactly what we want to do, but cruising (and probably Ziplining) will,be a part of it. Very excited. We are on the Sept 19 Alaska inside passage, then Stay on for the Sept 30 Panama Canal and end in Miami on the Norweigian Sun!


    Holy cow that sounds amazing! I never considered Alaska. I hope you share some pictures!!


    Our contract got approved today! So I guess it is official, we will be getting married on board the Royal Caribbean Harmony of the Seas on 1/28/2018 (a sea day!) We have 31 sailing guests already booked and a little over 500 days to go!


    CONGRATS on setting your date officially CruisinBlondie! Where are you going on the cruise? Getting married on a seaday would be ideal honestly. Where do you have to get your marriage license out of?

  14. Hey hey Crystal! I was just thinking the same the other day! Time is flying!!!! I was going to, but I still have not sent out the save the dates yet though. It just seems so early. I think Ive decided to wait until February, which still give people a year and two months.


    Ive been working on some DIY projects when I get some free time. Just decorated our sand ceremony jar .. . Attaching before and after pics. And I know its crazy but I already said yes to the dress... lol no judgement.



  15. When is your wedding? Are you walking in with the Bridal Party, typically you have a song all to yourself. Thousand Years is a great choice. Be sure to check out the Piano Guys version for an awesome instrumental of Thousand Years.


    Hey hey....I actually had a friend who is a DJ edit the song for me a bit to combine the first verse and the second longer chorus and am not having my own song. When she sings "One step closer" I should be walking up to the end of the aisle and i walk in on the chorus.... thats the plan anyway :)

  16. I have wanted to do a back to back, and I have friends that do them all the time. Do it! Which cruise line goes to Chile? That would be cool too! Glad you got that experience... back in the 90s I did two mission trips in Belize. They were amazing experiences

  17. Hi angel kisses! We have a lot of discussion. I know my bridal party and I are walking up to Christina Perris A Thousand Years. We are still discussing first dance but I'm loving Jason Mraz's "I Won't Give Up." The rest I have no Idea....

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